How to rank the authenticity of ergonomic furniture? Tips and suggestions


Ergonomic furniture must pass the litmus test of adjustability, lumbar support, visual appeal, and longevity. Importantly, ergonomic furniture should come with ample warranty and after-sales-assistance. Only reputed brands can offer genuine ergonomic furniture

There’s a lot of gimmickry around ergonomic furniture these days. Since all of us need ergonomic furniture, it’s easy to get swayed by false claims. For the uninitiated, ergonomic furniture is quite different from regular furniture. Ergonomic furniture is designed to uplift health, fitness, and productivity of office workers. So, ergonomic furniture has to meet certain predefined criteria if it has to fall in the ergonomic category. Secondly, ergonomic furniture is priced on the higher side because it incorporates tremendous research and innovation. Ergonomic furniture manufacturers spend a good chunk of money to curate it.

What constitutes ergonomic furniture?

Ergonomic furniture incorporates:

Sit and stand desks

office desk chair

Standing Desks


Desk converters

Meeting pods

Work pods

Phone booths

Therefore, ‘true’ ergonomic furniture can only be offered by renowned brands. Sometimes, impostors offer ergonomic furniture at drastically low prices. Well, that’s a bait to lure customers. Such ergonomic furniture neither meets the quality criteria nor is it backed by after-sales-service and warranties. If you happen to buy such ergonomic furniture, then brace yourself for a nasty surprise.

Some guidelines to gauge the authenticity of ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture should be adjustable 

Ergonomic furniture is distinguished by the feature of adjustability. People of different physical traits can use it with ease without straining their bodies. Good ergonomic furniture improves posture and pulls-up your confidence and productivity. The wise way of choosing ergonomic furniture is to ascertain the adjustability feature. If it fails to meet this quality, then it’s as good as despicable.

Ergonomic furniture should have lumbar support

Authentic ergonomic furniture should be replete with lumbar (lower back) support. One of the basic reasons why working professionals need ergonomic furniture is the prevalence of excruciating backaches. Unless there’s ample lumbar support, ergonomic furniture would not serve the purpose. Genuine ergonomic furniture eradicates backaches in no time, and it also improves confidence and productivity.

Ergonomic furniture should have visual appeal

Graceful, elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful are some of the adjectives that are frequently used to describe ergonomic furniture. Counterfeit ergonomic furniture may look appealing in the first glance, but miserably fails to carry that reputation. Secondly, ideal ergonomic furniture doesn’t wither or depreciate easily. In fact, it’s highly durable, movable, sound, and long-lasting. Since quality speaks for itself, you would easily be able to differentiate the visual appeal of authentic ergonomic furniture from the counterfeit one.

Ergonomic furniture is offered only by reputed brands

Namesakes and impostors don’t deliver good ergonomic furniture. Nor do they offer any warranties or customer support. These USPs are found only among the renowned ergonomic furniture brands. You may judge the reputation of an ergonomic furniture company by asking working professionals and those involved in the furniture trade. Impostors are known for their unscrupulous ways, and you won’t need to spend extra hours to assess their reputation.

Ergonomic furniture should have a history of positive reviews on the internet

Ergonomic furniture that delivers well on all the fronts fetches positive user reviews on Google and social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and their counterparts. Incredibly, impostor brands receive negative feedback which is tellingly visible. Of course, something that leaves customers in a spot of bother is blatantly shunned, and people don’t shy away from criticising it openly.


Ergonomic furniture should be selected on the basis of the aforementioned guidelines. We hope that we have ben able to portray the attributes of ‘true’ ergonomic furniture in the best possible manner. And we believe that you will make an informed decision now.

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