How to select the right Messaging Platform for your Business

Businesses, customers, clients and services are all unified across the world with simple communications systems employed by organisations. Communication amongst these key resources is pivotal for all purposes of business. Communication helps in getting important information across and helps in keeping all the resources connected and integrated with regards to business. Effective communication is only possible with the right medium and platform that can seamlessly transfer information both ways. Messaging platforms are the tools that businesses use to communicate and share information with clients and customers effectively. A good messaging platform must be simple, easy to use and must seamlessly integrate itself with the existing skeleton of the organisation as well as the infrastructure of the client. It can be as simple as the whatsapp that most people universally use or specialised AI powered chat systems that enable customers to interact with businesses on websites and apps. 

What is Messaging Platform for Business

Every business has the need for communication. It could be within the organisation or with its clients and customers. Communication itself is key to effective flow of information across the business and clients and helps in transparency and trust building towards the brand, product or service. Effective communication has become one of the most important elements that customers are looking for in a brand or product wherever possible. 

A Messaging platform is a simple and effective way of communication between customer and the brand that helps in the exchange of information across various channels such as chat apps, websites, chatbots, helplines etc. Businesses can have tons of information that needs to be shared with the clients on a daily basis such as the following:

  • New product updates
  • Special schemes and offers
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Marketing Information
  • Shipping Updates
  • Customer Query Resolution
  • Customer Service Desk
  • Push Notifications

All of these communications need a platform that can be used to share information to the customer or to clients in real time. The best part is that all information that is shared can be recorded and used for analytics as well. The real time information that is passed between the business and clients can yield in multiple benefits such as:

  • Sending out important information
  • Updating customers on their purchases
  • Push notification to ensure action
  • Engaging customers through campaigns
  • Announcing new schemes and plans etc

Selecting the right Messaging Platform

There are many messaging platforms out there and choosing one that is most relevant for a specific business can be quite tricky. To establish which messaging platform is apt for a specific business, listing down various criterions that need to be met can be helpful. Addressing concerns that need to be achieved versus the platform that can deliver these goals is the right way to go about it. 

  1. List down the Goals

All achievables and goals need to be listed based on the business so that what needs to be attained is clear.

  • Establish Criterions

The criteria for communication that needs to be met can also be determined such as quantifiable targets and deadlines

  • List down the Platforms

The closest options when it comes to messaging platforms that can be chosen can be listed based on the requirement of the business

  • Weigh Pros and Cons

Choose a platform that has the most pros in comparison to the communication targets established in steps one and two. 

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