How to Spend the Best Day in Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful city full of culture, art, history, and food. Whether you’re stopping for a night on your way to somewhere else in Spain or backpacking through the county, this city has something for everyone. With only one day to explore the city, it can be hard to fit everything in. To make sure you have the best day in Madrid possible, be sure to plan ahead and make use of Madrid luggage storage to free up your hands to explore the city. Read on to learn what activities to fill your day in Madrid with.

Visit the Royal Palace

If you’re looking for a majestic experience, head to the Royal Palace of Madrid. This spectacular palace, built in the 18th century, is located in the heart of the city and is close to other historical points of interest such as Plaza de Oriente and the Cathedral of Almudena.

The Royal Palace has a grandeur that will take your breath away. You can explore its chambers filled with exquisite artwork and luxurious furniture. Tourists are invited to marvel at the beauty of the Throne Room, the Hall of Halberdiers, and the Hall of Gasparini, among many other fascinating rooms. The Royal Palace also features cultural events throughout the year, such as concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions.

Walk Through El Retiro Park

For a low-key activity that will stretch your legs, visit El Retiro Park, the largest park in Madrid. This 350-acre oasis of nature and art is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an activity-packed day, El Retiro has something for everyone.

The park was built by King Philip IV in 1640 as a place for the Spanish monarchy to relax. In the late 19th century, it was opened to the public and remains one of Madrid’s most beloved parks today. One popular attraction in El Retiro Park is the lake, which is surrounded by walking paths and is perfect for a romantic stroll. Visitors can rent rowboats or pedal boats and take in the view park from the water.

The park also boasts several sculptures, such as the Fallen Angel by Ricardo Bellver and the Monument to Alfonso XII by José Grases Riera. There is also a small botanical garden with plants and trees from all around the world, as well as a rose garden that blooms in the spring.

Eat Traditional Spanish Tapas

Exploring Madrid wouldn’t be complete without sampling the famous tapas dishes that are part of the city’s rich culture. Tapas are bite-sized snacks or appetizers, traditionally served in bars or restaurants and enjoyed with a glass of wine or beer. Some examples of traditional tapas dishes include patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), croquetas (breaded and fried balls of béchamel sauce), and tortilla española (potato and egg omelet).

If you’re looking for a great spot to sample traditional Spanish tapas, there are plenty of restaurants in Madrid that serve these delicious dishes. For an authentic experience, check out La Bola Taberna, an old-style tavern serving some of the best tapas in the city. El Pimpi is another popular restaurant specializing in traditional tapas, with two locations in Madrid. If you’re looking for a more modern fare, try Berlanga, which serves inventive dishes alongside classic Spanish favorites.

Take in a Flamenco Show

For a truly unique cultural experience, take in a flamenco show in Madrid. Flamenco is an art form that originated in Andalusia and is known for its passionate and intense expression of emotions through music and dance.

There are several venues around Madrid where you can experience the thrilling power of flamenco. The Corral de la Morería, near the Royal Palace, is one of the best-known and most respected tablaos (flamenco halls). You can watch talented performers in an intimate setting as they express their emotions through song and dance. Another popular tablao is Los Canasteros located near the Plaza Mayor. Enjoy dinner and drinks while watching the captivating performance of flamenco.

There are many other flamenco venues such as El Café de Chinitas, El Café de La Opera, La Venta del Abuelo, and Casa Patas. No matter where you choose to see a flamenco show, you will surely be mesmerized by the vibrant performance and feel the spirit of this traditional Spanish art form.


While there is so much to see and do in Madrid, you can certainly make the most out of your day. Whether you’re able to fit in all of these wonderful locations or just a few, you will leave Madrid with lifelong memories.