How to Throw an Awesome Surprise Birthday Party

An Exciting Celebration

Some people say they hate surprises. Maybe they legitimately do, but it’s probably more likely that they simply prefer certain sorts of surprises. If you think about it, there are surprises everybody loves and hates. It’s fine to be surprised with extra money, it’s usually not too enjoyable when you’re surprised with a sudden loss of cash. You can opt for Pop Events, they will handle everything.

Surprise parties are like dessert to some people, and like vegetables for others. Here’s the thing: we all need nutrition and sweets at some point; just in proper moderation. You may not like your veggies, but the vitamins and minerals in them are good for you. And you may not be a huge fan of sweets, but there is a mild health value to certain treats—carbohydrates provide energy.

If you’re planning a surprise birthday party for someone special in your life, you want to understand where they’re coming from, what they really like, and how best to balance those things.

When it comes to birthday parties, almost everybody wants to have at least one surprise celebration in their life. Getting the balance right requires timing and planning, though. Following we’ll explore a few things you’ll want to think about.

When and Where

If you throw somebody a surprise party when they’re getting home from work, that could be an issue. It may be worthwhile to plan surprise parties on birthdays that don’t conflict with a person’s schedule. Not all surprise parties make people feel happy, but often this has to do with the way the party was organized, when it was sprung on the person, and where.

Imagine you just got done working a ten hour shift full of downright inconsiderate customers and coworkers, and you just want to have a quiet drink and pass out when you get home. Now imagine as soon as you open the door a thousand people jump out from behind a couch and throw bits of colored paper at you. That could prove wearying.

Now imagine you’ve had a slow day, and thought everyone you loved forgot your birthday; then when you walk into your favorite restaurant, all your friends jump out of nowhere and it turns out there’s a surprise party. You see the difference? With surprise parties, it’s very important to figure out the “when” and the “where” far in advance.

Don’t Get Too Overwhelmed With the Details

It is possible to get so wrapped up in the planning and managing of the surprise celebration that you flat forget to get the birthday girl a gift. Stranger things have happened! When you’re concentrated on something, you tend to forget other things that aren’t directly related. And when you’re planning an extravagant surprise party, it’s easy to get “task overload”.

If you forgot to buy a gift, you can always order flower delivery and have an extravagant bouquet sent to the birthday girl. Most flower sellers will offer some sort of same-day delivery; it just depends when you get the order in, and from who you buy—check the link for some notable delivery options.

Who You Invite

This is integral. Don’t invite any stinkers. Know who your friend or loved one really enjoys seeing. You don’t want strangers there, and you don’t want rivals. Now that said, some parties are just huge, and the idea is to have a knock-down drag-out birthday bash that evokes wild college days.

In that case, who’s who in the zoo doesn’t matter too much. For more mature events, though, you want to be sure you invite people that get along well with whoever is celebrating their birthday.

A Party That Goes Excellently

Who you invite, where the event takes place, when the event takes place, and details of managing the event all play a part in how well a surprise birthday party goes. Whether or not you incorporate a theme, and what sort of gifts you give, are less important. The surprise is itself a sort of over-arching gift. Plan that right, and the rest will follow.