How to unfreeze Quickbooks – Reasons & Solution

Everyone loves productivity. Imagine while performing crucial tasks the software Quickbooks starts unfreezing or does not open. This will be a nightmare situation for any user because it will hamper work and productivity. Many times users encounter the QuickBooks hanging or freezing problem which stops the entire workflow.

According to many Quickbooks users, sometimes, Quickbooks does not open and starts freezing in the process. It costs them their efforts, time, and also impacts business.

Therefore, the search engines are filled with questions like – My Quickbooks is frozen, and how to resolve it?

Unfreezing Quickbooks is super important because it can cause a disastrous situation that can hamper your data and other files. So, this post contains everything about how to unfreeze Quickbooks along with the reasons for its existence.

Major Reasons Behind Quickbooks Freezing

Experiencing Quickbooks freezing is the worst thing that can happen to users. And the utmost reasons behind it are:

  1. The company file evolved hugely in size.
  2. Missing QuickBooks components.
  3. Your browser’s cache causing a delay in QB initialization
  4. Corrupt or damaged data of the company file.
  5. An exceeding limit of the company’s file character as set by Intuit.
  6. QB process running in background.
  7. Corruption of “QBWUSER.INI” file.

Effective and Simple Solutions to Unfreeze QuickBooks Permanently 

The effective and easy to use methods to unfreeze Quickbooks quickly and permanently are:

Solution- 1: Utilize Condense Data Utility for reducing the Company File Size

Bigger company files take a longer time to load causing the Quickbooks to freeze. Go through the below steps to shrink the file size.

  • First, run QuickBooks.
  • Then, click on “File menu”.
  • Next, tap “Utilities” > “Condense Data”.
  • Follow the wizard instructions and hit “Begin Condense”.

Solution – 2: Launch The QB Install Diagnostic Tool Via Tool Hub

If your Quickbooks is frozen then maybe there are some missing components. To troubleshoot this, the user needs to install the diagnostic tool via the QB tool hub. And below are the appropriate steps for doing so.

  • First, launch “QB Tool Hub”.
  • Then. hit the “Installation Issues” option.
  • Next, opt for the QB Diagnostic Tool then let it run.
  • Finally, Let the diagnosis finish.
  • Open Quickbooks again it will resolve the freezing issue 

Solution- 3: Cleaning Cache of The Internet Explorer

QB Desktop can be frozen due to some extra data such as the cache in your browser. Since the QB needs Internet Explorer for a default browser, sometimes it overloads the system resulting in QB Freezing. In order to clear cache from the Internet Explorer, go through the following  steps:

  • Firstly, launch “Internet Explorer”.
  • Then, select the “gear” icon to access the Tools menu.
  • Next, below the option “Safety”, hit “Delete browsing history”.
  • Finally, ensure to tick the checkboxes for cookies and temporary files then, tap “Delete”.

Solution- 4: Launch the Rebuild and “Verify Data Utility”  in case of Data Damage

Having data-damaged files can cause long-term trouble if not treated. Users are required to first ensure the data damage via the “Verify Data Utility” option and in case of damage, use the “Rebuild data utility” tab by following the below steps:

  • Open the “File menu”.
  • Select “Utilities”.
  • Opt for the “Verify Data Utility” tab.
  • In case of damage, go back and choose “Rebuild Data” then tap “Ok”.
  • Launch Quickbooks again to ensure if the issue is gone.

Solution- 5: Verify the Character Limit of Your Company File

The limit for the character for the QB file is  64 characters including the “.QBW” extension. So verify the character limit and if it’s exceeding then rename it and try to keep it under 64 characters.

Solution- 6: Suppress the QB Process from the Task Manager

The QB freezing issue can be solved via suppressing the QB process through the task manager. You need to go by the below-stated guidelines in order to launch QB rapidly.

  • First, hit “Windows” Key for launching the Start menu.
  • Afterwards, write “Task Manager”, then hit “Enter”.
  • Now, on the Task Manager, opt for the process “qbw32.exe” then choose “End Task”.
  • Lastly, restart QB.

Solution- 7: Update the QBWUSER.INI File Name

The reason behind the Quickbooks getting frozen can be the corrupted user profile. And updating the name of the QBWUSER.INI file by following the below steps can help solve your query of Unfreezing QuickBooks with ease.  

  • First, Open “File Explorer” 
  • Then, choose the “View” tab.
  • Next, select Hidden Items.
  • Afterwards, close QB then launch “My Computer”.
  • Hit on “C:” Drive
  • Type QBWUSER.INI on the Search option then hit “Enter”.
  • Now, click right on “.INI” file then rename it.
  • Then, add “.LMN” then save it.
  • Next, Follow the same steps for the file “EntitlementDataStore.ECML”.
  • Rename it.
  • Finally, restart the QB.

Wrapping Up

The effective solutions we provided you with are tested and verified by our top sources. We hope this post resolves your queries regarding Quickbooks is frozen and other related concepts. You would like to know about merge QuickBooks files. this feature is provided to the user to manage company files.