How to Use Checkmarks in PDFfiller

Today, we would like to tell you about a feature that is indispensable for filling forms — checkmarks.

Developing our product, we always think outside the box. That is why you can use our checkmarks outside the checkboxes in which they are usually found. For instance, PDFfiller’s checkmarks can serve as a handy annotation tool or as bullet points. You can even link them to any webpage. Despite the new applications, our checkmarks still retain their original function — you can put them into any checkbox while filling a form. A checkbox can be of any size, because PDFfiller’s checkmarks are resizable. Apart from the standard checkmark, we offer you two more shapes — crosses and circles from the

Once you’ve added our checkmarks to a PDF document, you will never lose them. Even if you convert your PDF to a Word document, PDFfiller’s checkmarks will preserve their position, size and color.

Now it’s time to see what you can do using our checkmarks.

Adding and Formatting Checkmarks

To add a checkmark to your document, click on its icon in the main toolbar and click where you need to place it. Simple, isn’t it?

To move, resize or delete the checkmark, use the mini toolbar above it. To change the color, click the color box in the top right corner of the page and select the color you need.

The next checkmark will be of the same color and size provided that you don’t switch to another type, for instance from “X” to circle.

Linking a Checkmark to a Webpage

To create a hyperlink, click the link icon in the top right corner and in the dialog window that will open, enter the URL of a webpage and click Save.

When you share or send your document, the recipient will be able to open the page linked to the checkmark.

Checkmarks Under Control

On seeing the variety of our checkmarks, you might ask yourself a question: what if I create a form or a fillable document and users fill them with checkmarks of all shapes, colors and sizes? The document will look very colorful but not very attractive. We asked ourselves the same question and we offer you a solution: PDFfiller’s checkboxes.

You can create a fillable document, add checkboxes and format them and checkmarks to your liking. Whoever fills the document will not be able to take an artistic approach to filling checkboxes.

Open the ADD FILLABLE FIELDS tab on the right.

Click on the checkbox icon and place the checkbox where you need it.

To format the checkbox, click Advanced to expand the options and select the shape and color of the checkmark. You can also choose whether the checkbox will be checked or unchecked by default.