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Those who love playing card games have most likely devised some strategies to improve their chances of winning. But it doesn’t seem likely that anybody knows every single tactic, does it? Especially for those games that are considered to be more difficult, you will want to ensure that you are winning most of your games. However, card games are of different types and you will need to treat each game differently so that you can improve your chances of winning. There is no single tactic that applies to several card games all at once.

The following card games tips and strategies can help you win in each of the following card games.

1. UNO

For this game, the most appropriate strategy is to try to change colors more often. As a player, you shouldn’t play just one color all the time; try to change them with regularity. There are several advantages that you get by doing this as you will always be having a playable card at hand. This also helps to reduce the number of draws that you will require to make, while also ensuring that other players are kept guessing which colors they actually have in their hands. Wild cards should be used to alter the card colors of the choices that are to be played.

2. Blackjack

This is a massively popular game and the best strategy that guarantees you more winnings is to split pairs. However, this should always be the case unless you have pairs of 10s fives, or fours. For players that have pairs of fours, they need to hit, or simply take another card. If you have five, the right thing to do is to hit, more so if the dealer has a face card, a 10, or an ace. However, in instances where the dealer is showing another kind of card, the player should double down. Moreover, for a player who has a pair of 10s, the most appropriate strategy is to stand.

3. Spades

In Spades, the best strategy for more winnings is to play defensively. This is where you try to prevent someone from achieving something as opposed to trying to achieve it on your own. Cutting is one of the best defensive strategies that can be applied while playing spades. This is best in scenarios where another player has achieved a commanding lead and is not far away from winning the game. If this strategy is employed successfully, the rest of the players lose 10 times their wage However, you should remember that this is a high-risk strategy, which if successful can be hugely rewarding. However, if you lose, the effects can be drastic. You will end up with lots of bags while your opponent will be moving to earn a maximum score. This strategy is best used when you are way behind when compared to your competition.


With the right strategy, you can win most of your games while playing cards with your friends and acquaintances. However, from how they are designed, card games are different and it’s important to learn diverse strategies. The above three card game strategies should help you win most of your games.

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