Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8 inch pencil & huawei m-pencil price

The M-Pencil is the new pen to be used with the MatePad Pro, and the MatePad Pro is the perfect gadget to get the most out of your Android tablet. Original Huawei M-Pencil 4096 provides pressure levels.  The tip of the M-Pencil is made of special composite material to provide a smooth and precise overall user experience, non-slip writing, and better wear resistance. The huawei m-pencil price has a 10-hour battery life, which can be fully charged and wirelessly in one hour. When the MatePad Pro is not in use, you can start Huawei memos by simply tapping the screen with the tip of the M-Pen, a quick way to save or jot down important notes or appointments.

Synchronize your creativity

The all-new HUAWEI M-Pencil looks fresh and stylish with its hexagonal integrated design. It writes as naturally as a pencil on paper, but better with flexible strokes and features. Whether you’re in a meeting, making a shopping list, or just exploring your creativity, the M HUAWEI pencil is right for you.

Automatic pairing, magnetic connection, wireless charging

Gently attaching it to the top of your tablet, the HUAWEI M-Pencil can be wirelessly charged to full capacity in an hour.  30 seconds of charging allows it to work for 10 minutes, so you don’t miss a thing.


With a pencil tip made of selected composite materials, the HUAWEI M-Pencil ensures a smooth writing flow. Everything you create is displayed on screen instantly without any lag Equipped with 4096 14 pressure sensitivity, it captures every detail of your movement for writing or drawing.

Your ideas come to life

When inspiration comes, grab it with the HUAWEI MatePad Pro. When it’s off, tap the Use your HUAWEI M-Pencil screen to wake it up and go directly to Notepad. Take notes or sketches, multiple colors, and brushes help you turn ideas into visual concepts, and intelligently organize and edit dynamically organize content for review, editing, and keyword research Future.

Compatible with Huawei M-Pencil 2 Mate 40 series

Last month, Huawei announced a new stylus alongside its new MatePad tablet. Called the M-Pencil 2 or M-Pencil (2nd Generation), the stylus has been redesigned, reducing latency and increasing accuracy. Although the product page states that the stylus is compatible with MatePad Pro and MatePad running HarmonyOS 2 or later, a promotional video has revealed that it is compatible with the Mate 40 series.

The promotional video has been shared on Weibo by users and sent to fans The one-minute ad highlights the features of the new Stylus pen, one of which is multi-device connectivity (with) instant conversion. circuit. This feature allows users to connect the stylus to multiple devices and switch from one device to another without further processing.

The 2nd generation M-Pencil has a silver finish with an anti-fingerprint coating. It has a new transparent tip and platinum-coated nib. Huawei has bundled it with two replaceable tips.

The pen has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilting sensitivity. There’s a 360 button around where your finger is – you can easily switch between the brush and the eraser by tapping it.

Easy charging – all you have to do is place it on the edge of the MatePad and it will magnetically attach and start charging wirelessly. If you’re buying a stylus for your phone, you’ll need to buy a charger. A full charge will use 10 hours and 30 seconds charge will use 10 minutes. Now, the M-Pencil (2nd Generation) cost EGP 1,499.00 totally.

MatePad 10.4, MatePad 10.8 Huawei M-Pencil for description

Capture your inspiration naturally

HUAWEI M-Pencil looks like a real pencil. With pixel-level precision and near-invisible latency, you can naturally write, doodle, and doodle. 1 tilt and high sensitivity to pressure allow you to shade your artistic expression and create variations inline widths.

Charge like a charm

Connect the wire to the Snap HUAWEI M-Pencil, HUAWEI MatePad in the magnetic holder of the HUAWEI M-Pencil charger, then it will be connected and the charging will start automatically. It lasts 10 hours on a single charge, keeping you constantly drawing and taking notes.