Hunter x Hunter and Ichigo Coloring Pages: Two famous Japanese mangas can broaden children’s creativity

Children’s creativity is an endless world, so everything could be possible in children’s eyes. However, not all children can imagine their surrounding world well because they don’t have a chance to train their creativity and imagination. Therefore, as parents, you have to create options for your little kids to upgrade their creativity, focused thinking, and vision. It would be best if you didn’t worry about it because you can start with the most simple things. In other words, you can encourage your minor children to imagine what they like. And Japanese mangas are one of the most favorite children’s products. If your children are interested in any manga, you should allow them to read or watch this anime to inspire them.

Nevertheless, if you are worried that your children’s health is affected negatively, you can think of another solution for them. It is coloring the main characters of their favorite manga. When coloring, your children can imagine many details of these characters and their journey in the manga. It could be an excellent adventure for your little angels. This article introduces you to two products, Hunter x Hunter Coloring Pages and Ichigo Coloring Pages. Hopefully, they can help you and your children have a great time together!

Hunter x Hunter Coloring Pages: Let’s join the journey of fantastic hunters

Well, as its name suggests, you can know this manga mentions hunters. In this manga, hunters face many dangerous enemies and fight to achieve their purpose. Apart from the main character, other supporting characters, such as his friend’s relatives. Therefore, Hunter x Hunter is considered a manga of friendship, family love, and bravery. It means your children can learn various meaningful life lessons and become good people in the future.

Killua and Gon Coloring Pages

Hunter x Hunter is a product of Yoshihiro Togashi, a Japanese painter. According to the author, Hunter x Hunter is a story about the adventure of Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old boy. Gon has dreamed of becoming a hunter because he idolizes his father, a legendary Hunter. However, his father is known to be dead, but Gon doesn’t believe it; Gon wants to find his Father to shed light on the secret. However, if Gon wants his Father back, he must pass the Hunter Exam. It means Gon has to become a real Hunter to find his Father. 

Gon meets many friends who help him a lot in each match and support him to become a real Hunter in his journey. Finally, Gon finds his Father successfully and treasures rare animals. It is a happy ending for the brave and warm-hearted boy.mysnhu

We understand that millions of children love Hunter x Hunter; we have collected many images of Hunter x Hunter and posted them on our coloring pages. You can choose the best idea for your children and print it out. After that, you can help him to create his first paintings. It is such a memorable memory!

Ichigo Coloring Pages – The story of a boy who can see spirits

If Hunter x Hunter is a story of hunters who can fight with many skills, Ichigo makes children excited with a boy who can see ghosts. Although the plot is unique, Ichigo still has many meaningful lessons that your children can learn and apply in their daily lives. iCollege gsu

Ichigo is not a separate manga because he is the main character in Bleach – a masterpiece of Kubo Taito. If you are a big fan of Japanese manga, you will know Bleach because it is prevalent. And of course, Ichigo is also famous because he is the center of the manga, and he is the cause of everything in the manga.

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach Coloring Pages

Like HunterxHunter, Bleach is an adventure of Ichigo. He can see spirits and defeat Hollow – an evil spirit and protect good spirits. It is a critical mission, so Ichigo has many friends to help him pass many obstacles. The story is full of thrilling, happy, emotional moments of Ichigo and his friends, which make the readers satisfied with the plot. If you want to inspire your children to become responsible and good people in the future, you can let them color Ichigo images to feel the spirit of a hero. 

Ichigo has a simple appearance with only some details so that your children can color him easily. Our images are high-quality, and you can choose some pictures from simple to complex levels for your children. Indeed, you and your children can finish these images quickly with a great combination of colors.


Suppose you are worried that your children have spent too much time watching Youtube. In that case, Facebook or other social media platforms, our Hunter x Hunter Coloring Pages and Ichigo Coloring Pages are your best choice. You should go to our websites and choose some great images for your little angels. Besides, our websites are updated daily to find new pictures instead of old ones quickly. In particular, you don’t need to pay any sum of money to download these images. All of them are free. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, our customer service team will support you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading, and I hope you and your children have a great time with our great colouring pages!