Importance of skin care

To achieve and maintain youthfulness, and delay the aging process there are a few options. Two major ones are medical procedures and skin care. They are not mutually exclusive but complement each other. Our goal as a minimally invasive procedures specialists is to prevent the progression of damage needing surgery such as Non-Surgical Facelift NJ.

Both procedures and skin care have a role in preventing the development of the signs of aging. And in some cases, they can make one age gracefully. This stems from the obvious fact that aging itself is inevitable as the physically body is not immortal.

Instead of fighting aging we can start to work with it and make that process graceful and prevent the acceleration. For example, it is okay for a 35-year-old to look like a 30-year-old, but it is not okay for a 35-year-old look like 49 years old. You get the point?

Now let’s look at why one needs both procedures and skin care: If going to a dentist is akin to procedures, brushing your teeth daily and flossing are like skin care. You need both. You wouldn’t stop brushing teeth daily as you go to the dentist regularly anyway once in 6 months, would you? For instance, if someone is only using ton of skin care, when the skin is not even well exfoliated, there tends to be a colossal wastage of products.

The products cannot reach the depth of the skin where it matters. For this reason, we recommend some form of professional controlled exfoliation or resurfacing like microdermabrasion, Bioeffect chemical peels, lasers, or combinations thereof. Now the products can work better, and you will get more out of these products. This will make you fall in love with your skin again, and you might even repent the years that were lost! But as they say, its better late than never.

This article is about skin care and that’s what we’re going to discuss. At the outset we all know that the consumer market is flooded with every form of me-too-skincare products. And most people fall for it. Or at least they hope and think that it will help them to fight the menace of aging. However. Not all skin care products are made equal. There are huge and significant differences in skin care products between companies.

There are big differences between over the counter (OTC) and medical grade products. The OTC products may seem cheap, but they may not even help. They may not have the right ingredients and right quantities of those ingredients. And worse, they might have harmful ingredients. The OTC products are not well regulated. A recent recall of many popular well-known brands of OTC sunscreen products due to them containing unacceptable amounts of benzene, a carcinogen, should be a warning to people to revisit their OTC beauty-brand-buying habits.

What makes the medical grade skin care products well worth the price?

Most medical grade skin care products such as Lip Injections in NJ are sold through a physician office (Medspa, dermatology and plastic surgery). The medical grade products have more active ingredients, have gone thru rigorous testing, and quality control procedures. And the packaging of medical grade products may not always be very attractive, but what is important is what is inside the bottle.

The ingredients in medical grade products are generally safe. The manufacturers of medical grade products do not advertise to the extent that OTC products are advertised. Most medical grade products do not see the “glory” of the mainstream media or the general print magazines or online banner ads. At Anara Medspa we do the research and all the hard work for you, so that we can carry and make available some of the best clinically proven skin care items for our clients. When you buy from us, you know that you are getting authentic and original products.

If you do not buy from the original source, you could be buying fake products, the packaging of which might look exactly like the original! How many of us know very well that you can get a fake Louis Vuitton handbag for a fraction of the price of original product, in the fake market. Skin care is no different. Invest in your skincare and your skin will thank you for decades