Important Principles of Surrogacy in Georgia

If you ever considered filling your joy in life with parenthood through surrogacy, you must have at least once experienced a serious problem. Among all the various countries, their surrogacy law and unique approach of a particular clinic, where do you even begin and how do you choose one?

Georgia is becoming an increasingly popular surrogacy destination. Something attracts numerous intended parents there aside from the reasonable price of the surrogacy program. So what is that, really? Here we will give you a sneak peek at some of the fabulous features of surrogacy in Georgia.

Surrogacy in Georgia: Key Features

Law in Georgia explicitly permits only gestational surrogacy. For intended parents, it means that their legal rights over the baby are protected as only a person genetically related to the child can be named its parent. This way the surrogate mother cannot lay up a claim on the child after its birth.

Another feature worth mentioning is a restriction on who can become intended parents in Georgia. Since the law allows only married heterosexual couples to undertake surrogacy, single parents or gay couples should rather consider options in other countries which will nevertheless make them experience the joy of parenthood and additionally provide full legal protection.

We should also point out rather strict requirements for potential surrogates in Georgia. This may benefit you because to become surrogate moms in Georgia females have to successfully pass medical tests to prove they have no health issues as well as be young enough – between 21 and 41 years old – to qualify.

And another detail to keep in mind is the exit process. Georgian law has your back on it too. Special pre-birth orders authorize the parent’s right over the child and stipulate that the agreement between the IPs and the surrogate must be signed before the process even begins.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the approach to surrogacy from the point of view of legislation in Georgia has some unique features. While you may find it easier researching your options alone, it is always safer to do so with the aid of a renowned surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby. If you visit the WCOB website, you can book a consultation and our best medical experts will guide you through all the different possibilities for you to choose.