Increasing washi tape’s adhesiveness

Cleaning the surface or raising the adhesive temperature can help washi tape adhere more effectively. Double-sided tape, more adhesive on the reverse, or a very sticky surface may all improve the tape’s ability to adhere.

Is there a reason Washi tape doesn’t adhere better?

Washi tape is designed to be used in low-tack applications, making it ideal for painting, scrapbooking, and decorative purposes. Even the strongest washi tape is only designed to be temporary, yet it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It should peel off swiftly and easily, causing little harm. If you are looking for custom washi tape, please visit our website.


Eventually, even if the old tape is kept in pristine circumstances, it will lose part of its adhesiveness. Washi tape may degrade with time, so this might be the case if you’ve had a certain roll for a long but never had any issues with it previously.

Conservation Precautions

The adhesiveness of your tape might degrade depending on how you store it. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, might degrade the tape’s adhesiveness.

Additionally, the adhesive in certain varieties of tape might deteriorate when exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.

You may extend the life of your tape by keeping it in a cool, dark place.


There are instances when you just haven’t been pressing hard enough, or for long enough. Attaching tape to a surface requires some time. Uneven pressure might cause certain regions to lose their stickiness.

Composition of the Surface

Adhesives aren’t always the best option for securing anything. The adhesion strength decreases with the hardness of the surface, therefore materials like PVC and concrete are more challenging to use.

Taping might be more of a challenge on uneven surfaces.

The Best Way to Guarantee Washi Tape Will Stay Put.

Temperature, dust particles, and moisture may all prevent Washi tape from sticking. If the tape’s adhesive is too stiff, try warming it or wiping the area down with a damp cloth.

Scrub the Entire Area

Remove any dirt or dust from the area you plan on applying the washi tape on with some warm water and soap. Take out the puddles and let it dry up completely.

Once the washi tape has dried, you may reapply it to see whether or not the adhesiveness has improved.

Washi tape’s stickiness may be diminished under humid conditions. Make sure there is enough ventilation and low moisture levels before you begin decorating a space like a bathroom.

In order to be absolutely sure, some artisans recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean. An adhesive-ready surface may be achieved by vaporising alcohol. You can always buy custom washi tape because they are the best and most popular compared to all competitors.

Crank up the heat on the glue.

There are instances when washi tape loses its stickiness because of the weather. When subjected to high temperatures, glue loses its rigidity and strength. The glue may fail to properly adhere to the surface if the temperature is too low.

If you think the temperature may be to blame, you should let it fluctuate. You may also utilise things around the house to control the temperature, such a hair dryer to dry your hair or a fan to chill down.

Do so in a place with abnormally high or low humidity and/or temperature. It’s possible you’ll need to wait for ideal circumstances or take preventative measures to ensure your workspace stays free of external influences.

Can I Strengthen the Adhesion of Washi Tape?

Adding adhesive, such as a glue stick, to washi tape makes it more sticky. You may increase the tape’s stickiness in a number of ways, such by utilising double-sided tape or by increasing the thickness of the adhesive.

Washi Tape with Glue Added

If you want your washi tape to cling even better, some crafters suggest adding a glue stick or another adhesive solution.

Despite the glue and washi tape’s poor tackiness individually, the two may provide more secure adhesion when used together.

Please use double-sided tape.

Some crafters advise using a double-sided tape with a stronger adhesive in conjunction with your washi tape. However, if you are concerned about ruining your project or working surface, proceed with caution.

A further idea is to use washi tape to adorn more sturdy tape. Washi tape is versatile, since it may be stacked with other tapes and remains firmly in place.