International News For Ensuring Safety And Friend Ship: Pakistan and China

Lastly, Pakistan and China are working hand in hand to protect their friendship and shared interests in a world filled with challenges. Recently, they’ve recognized the need to boost security for Chinese citizens and projects in Pakistan. Let’s dive into how these two countries come together to face these challenges head-on.

The Challenging Situation

  • Both Pakistan and China agree that Chinese citizens, projects, and institutions in Pakistan face a “challenged security situation.”
  • Over the years, there have been attacks on Chinese citizens working on projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Deepening Security Cooperation

  • International news online says that Pakistan and China have decided to deepen their cooperation in security matters.
  • They aim to defeat any plots that might harm their strong friendship.
  • This happened during the 11th JCC meeting, which looks after CPEC.

Security Measures

  • Pakistan has taken extraordinary steps to protect Chinese interests.
  • Special security divisions are set up to safeguard Chinese investments.
  • Bulletproof vehicles will be used for the outdoor movements of Chinese nationals.
  • China will provide security equipment and training to Pakistani officials for foolproof security.
  • A training facility for private security guards and law enforcement personnel will be established in China.

Ensuring Compliance

  • Pakistan emphasizes that Chinese citizens must follow security protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • The goal is to protect both non-CPEC projects and Chinese nationals.
  • China promises to supervise its companies in Pakistan to ensure compliance with security regulations.
  • Only capable security companies will be hired for project sites.

Promoting CPEC

  • To counter negative propaganda against CPEC, Pakistan and China will publicize its achievements and mutual benefits.
  • Breaking news: They will also promote CPEC as a force for peace and stability in the region.
  • Afghanistan will be encouraged to participate in regional CPEC projects, promoting regional cooperation and development.

Modalities for Third Country Participation

  • Pakistan is working on modalities for the participation of a third country in CPEC.
  • While consultations have taken place, formal approval is pending.
  • Delays in finalizing these modalities may affect their signing at the Belt and Road Forum in China.


Lastly, Pakistan and China are strengthening their friendship and cooperation in the face of security challenges. They’re taking unprecedented steps to protect Chinese citizens and investments in Pakistan. Promoting CPEC as a symbol of peace and stability ensures safety and fosters regional development and collaboration. Together, they are proving that solid partnerships can overcome any challenge.