Introducing Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence is a market insights and decision making platform that provides daily, detailed information about the advertising reach and creative content being used to promote hundreds of thousands of apps around the world.

With Ad Intelligence, you can:

  • Track the mobile advertising activities of public and private companies alike
  • Analyze the creative assets that fuel successful campaigns
  • Discover ad networks that serve the most impressions for your competitors
  • Identify publishers running burst campaigns to help optimize your spend
  • Learn whether a trending app is being driven by organic or paid discovery
  • Monitor campaigns launched by your team, top prospects, or competitors

Having these kinds of insights is great, but how critical are they to today’s mobile marketing budgets?

Mobile Advertising is Huge

In 2015, spending on Mobile ads will likely surpass $10 billion world wide.

Facebook’s recently reported ad revenue and expected growth for global mobile advertising already exceeds $3 billion per quarter.

Ad Intelligence To The Rescue

How can Ad Intelligence help optimize performance within this dynamic and growing industry?

Here’s a quick look at Ad Intelligence’s major features and user-interface components

  • Analyze Top Ad CreativesAd Intelligence helps you analyze your competition’s most effective ad images and videos by showing you the actual ads they are deploying. Access to this ad imagery and video content helps inform your art direction and identify new localization trends that you can use to drive conversion of your own campaigns. You can quickly dive into the details of every ad, including network, device type, resolution, and campaign duration.
  • Evaluate Ad Network PerformanceYou can utilize Ad Intelligence to quickly assess any app’s distribution of ad impressions across major ad networks. You can even check the correlation between ad impressions and an app’s Top Charts Ranking in the app store to see if a boost in its ranking was due to recent ad spend, or from organic or viral growth. Research the ad spending strategy of your competition and use it to your advantage as you budget for your next mobile app install ad campaign.
  • Monitor Burst CampaignsMany publishers engage in short term, aggressive spending to drive impressions and installations for their app in a particular geography. This type of “bursting” activity can drive up your costs unless you know when and where they are occurring. Ad Intelligence quickly shows you which apps are pushing the most week-over-week inventory via the Top Advertisers Leaderboard, so you can time your campaigns accordingly for maximum effect. Want to know who is running burst campaigns in Australia across all major networks? The Impression Leaderboard provides an answer in seconds.

See For Yourself

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Ad Intelligence is its trove of visual content, which provides a perspective across the mobile advertising industry that simply hasn’t been available to app developers or investors until now.

If you have a business critical need to understand and visualize the dynamics of the mobile advertising industry in action, Ad Intelligence will open your eyes – and deliver results you can see.