Introducing Seamless Style Street Wear and its Benefits in Australia

Streetwear is one of the biggest buzzwords in the Australian fashion industry and is fast growing. Any fashionable youth would declare that streetwear is not a fashion trend but an attitude and a lifestyle. Business of Fashion states that commercial streetwear is worth over $309 billion globally. Due to its laid-back, leisurely and sporty culture, Australia and its social media influencers are bringing back graphic tees, seamless tops and shorts. Brands like Undrground street wear in Australia are leading the charge in making fashionable statements amongst the youth and contributes to 40% of the youth fashion industry in the country.

A Dive into Streetwear Fashion

The streetwear style began forming in the mid-1980s and 1990s. On the surface level, streetwear can seem deceptively simple as it is considered casual and fashionable clothing influenced by popular culture. A majority of the people who follow them are under 30, living in urban areas like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. However, there is no hard and fast rule about what falls under streetwear and what doesn’t. It has numerous influences from hip hop, surf, skate, sports, K-pop and workout culture. It has a large customer base, including people from various socio-economic statuses, income levels and backgrounds. Streetwear is a personal look that depends on each person’s preference, and there is no right or wrong in wearing streetwear. One can wear the kinds of clothes that exhibit their identity, which is comfortable and authentic.

Seamless Technology in Modern Fashion

Comfortable clothing has become the wardrobe staple today. And what better fits this category than seamless clothing for its best characteristics of being relaxed, soft, fitted, softening and providing no restraint for the body to move freely. Traditionally knitted clothes create seam marks that can be thick and uncomfortable, especially when it is a tight-fitted and corseted garment. Seamless technology came into being to resolve the issue. In Australia, seamless clothing has been on an exponential growth of 177% in the year. They account for two-thirds of the daily clothing consumption. 

A Blend of Sportswear and Seamless Streetwear

Streetwear and sportswear clothes are often interchangeable among people’s minds as sporting clothes form a foundation for modern street fashion. Many athletic brands have reinvented seamless pants, crops and fitted tees off their athleisure wave and brought them into the casual fashion industry. Undrground streetwear in Australia is a prime example due to its comfortable nature and trendy designs.

Benefits of Seamless Streetwear for Sport

They Fit Well on Everyone

One of the most significant benefits of seamless streetwear is that the wearers need not worry about folds and bumps near the seams. Although the manufacturers use the zig-zag sewing technique with a four-way stretching material, the seamlines are tighter. This feature works well for Underground streetwear in Australia as workout clothes. Seamless leggings and bras have a light clothing layer that supports the body during intense sessions, making the wearer comfortable.

They Do Not Chafe

Rubbing, chafing, and friction is minimal among seamless streetwear as there are minimal to no seamlines along the garment. It reduces the irritation and diversion that people face during their workout. The textile relocates with the body, allowing the users to squat down freely.

They Are Durable and Economical

Unlike regular workout clothes, seamless streetwear does not rip when one extends them. They are incredibly resilient as they do not have any heavily stitched material holding them together. They are an excellent option for a health club or yoga classes that involve stretches and pulls. The amount of material and time manufacturers use to produce seamless garments is lesser than traditional wear, so they do not incur waste.

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