Invisible Aligners: Zoom on these invisible techniques

Invisible orthodontics makes it possible to realign the teeth, thanks to clear aligners made to measure.

The dentists of the Ensmile Invisible Dental Aligners will offer you, according to your wishes, a study of your personal case and a treatment with invisible dental aligners (aligners) adapted to your needs.

What is an invisible aligner (aligners)?

Invisible aligners orthodontics is the solution for adults wishing to realign their teeth without wearing bulky metal appliances like teenagers.

You can opt for thin, discreet and comfortable Invisible aligners made of clear plastic which exert gentle forces on the teeth in the mouth. Little by little, your teeth are realigned painlessly, as if by magic.

How to use the invisible aligners tray?

The clear, almost invisible aligners will not interfere with your daily life.

You only remove your invisible aligners for mealtimes, to brush and floss, or during important life moments. As long as you wear them 22 hours a day, they are effective. Thanks to this advanced technology already used by thousands of people, your smile will become beautiful in just 6 to 18 months.

How is an invisible Aligners tray treatment performed?

During a first session, your dentist will take a panoramic X-ray, photos as well as impressions of your mouth, in order to verify that invisible orthodontics is well suited to your personal case. The study of your case is carried out using a state-of-the-art computer program.

Your personalized treatment will be presented to you during a second session at the office.

During the third session, you will wear your first invisible dental tray, for a period of approximately 3 weeks, before moving on to the next one. And so on, every 3 weeks.

At each change of aligner, your dentist will check the good maintenance of your gums and the adaptation of the new invisible aligners.

At the end of the treatment, a wire restraint glued to the back of your teeth, also completely invisible, will be put in place to ensure the durability of the result.

Who is the treatment with invisible aligners for?

At any age, the invisible Aligners can solve problems of overlapping teeth, too wide spaces to close, too much overlapping of the teeth or simply bad dental alignment.

Clear aligners are therefore aimed at adults and teenagers who care about their appearance and want a certain discretion.

Invisible orthodontic treatment works in approximately 90% of people, with some more severe cases requiring the use of auxiliaries or even resorting to conventional orthodontic treatment.

However, this invisible aligner method requires some involvement on the part of the patient because it is essential to wear the aligners 22 hours a day.

The invisible dental aligners used at Center Denture Ensmile are Smilers from Biotech-dental. They are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), CE marked, biocompatible and intended for the medical sector. These aligners are made in Pakistan, in high-tech factories, where 3D printers allow the tailor-made realization of your treatment.