iOS 17 Launches Tomorrow with Exciting New Features for iPhones

Release Date and Time

iOS 17 will be available for iPhone XS and newer models starting Monday, September 18, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (9 p.m. UAE time).

Top 10 Features

1. StandBy

Breaking News, this full-screen view is perfect for your nightstand, kitchen counter, or desk. It offers customizable widgets like clocks, calendars, photos, weather forecasts, and more. StandBy supports Live Activities, Siri, incoming calls, and more significant notifications, making it ideal for glanceable information while charging.

2. Contact Posters

Now, you can personalize your incoming call appearance with Contact Posters. Choose photos or Memojis, and customize fonts and background colours to make your calls uniquely you. This feature extends to third-party calling apps as well.

3. NameDrop

Sharing contact information has always been challenging. Bring your iPhones close together, select the details you want to share, and even exchange Contact Posters seamlessly.

4. Live Voicemail

Real-time voicemail transcriptions are displayed as someone leaves a voicemail. If it’s important, pick up the call while they’re speaking. Spam calls are filtered out, ensuring your privacy.

5. Swipe to Reply in iMessage

 Responding to messages is now more intuitive. Swipe on any message in the Messages app to send an inline reply.

6. Interactive Widgets

 Interactive widgets are now available across your Home Screen, Lock Screen, and the StandBy view. They offer enhanced functionality, including task completion, media control, and home automation.

7. Improved Autocorrect

iOS 17 features advanced word prediction, enhancing the accuracy of autocorrection. Predictive text recommendations appear inline as you type, simplifying the input process.

8. Apple Maps Offline

Catching up with Google Maps, Apple Maps now allows you to download maps for offline use. Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, estimated arrival times, and location search without an internet connection.

9. Stickers Drawer

Access all your stickers, including Live Stickers, emojis, Memojis, and iMessage stickers, in one convenient location. Create Live Stickers by touching and holding objects in photos.

10. “Siri” Activation

Siri has a more streamlined activation command. Instead of saying “Hey Siri,” a simple “Siri” will do the trick. You can issue multiple commands in succession without repeating “Siri.”

Additional Features

  • Journal app for reflection and gratitude.
  • Share AirTags with up to five people.


iOS 17 is set to launch on Monday, September 18, for eligible iPhones.

iOS 17 Announcement

Apple has unveiled iOS 17, a groundbreaking update redefining how we communicate and interact with our iPhones. This major release introduces many new features across Phones, FaceTime, Messages, and more.

Top 5 iOS 17 Features

1. Phone App Upgrades

  • Personalized Contact Posters for incoming calls.
  • Customize appearance with photos, Memojis, typography, and font colours.

.2. Live Voicemail

  • Real-time voicemail transcription for efficient message retrieval.
  • On-device transcription ensures privacy.

3. FaceTime Enhancements

  • Audio and video messages.
  • New Reactions during calls.
  • Extend FaceTime to Apple TV for more significant conversations.

4. Messages Makeover

  • New emoji stickers and Live Stickers.
  • Enhanced search, catch-up arrow, real-time location sharing, and audio message transcription.

5. Easier Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

  • Simplified contact sharing with NameDrop.
  • Automatically trigger AirDrop and SharePlay when iPhones are closed.
  • Share content and start SharePlay effortlessly.

Additional iOS 17 Features

  • Improved autocorrect and dictation.
  • StandBy view for charging iPhones.
  • Journal app for reflection and gratitude.
  • Enhanced privacy in Safari’s Private Browsing mode.
  • Password sharing with trusted contacts.
  • Mental health features in the Health app.
  • Offline maps in Apple Maps.

Weather App

  • Detailed and interactive weather information.
  • Enhanced weather maps, accurate forecasts, and a redesigned user interface.


  • Built-in grocery list feature that categorizes items.
  • Streamline your shopping list and shopping experience.


  • Create links between notes for better organization.
  • View and mark up PDFs and scanned documents within the app.

Find My

  • Share AirTags with others for collaborative tracking.
  • Convenient for friends and family members.


  • New drawing tools, including a watercolour brush, highlighter, and ruler.

Apple News

  • Access daily crossword puzzles and Apple News+ Audio Stories in the Podcasts app.


  • View activity history for smart home devices.
  • Use PIN codes and tap to unlock features with Matter-based smart locks.

Wallet App

(Specific features not detailed)

Podcasts App

 (Specific updates not detailed)

Camera App

 (Specific updates not detailed)

App Store App

 (Specific updates not detailed)

iOS 17 Beta Releases

  • Beta 1 to RC (Release Candidate) with build numbers and release dates.

Eligible iPhones for iOS 17

  • A list of iPhones that will receive the iOS 17 update.

Device Specifications (Optional)

  • International news Information about network bands, body dimensions, display, platform, memory, camera, connectivity, sensors, and battery capacity.
  • United States (USA): USD 799.99 expected.
  • United Kingdom (UK): GBP 750.00 expected.
  • India: ₹55,999 Rupees expected.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): AED 2,850.00 expected.
  • European Union (EU): EUR 735.00 expected.
  • Pakistan: PKR 219,999 expected.