Is Braces Necessary For Kids?

There are legitimate and clinically documented reasons why kids that are as young as seven require orthodontics treatment. One of the main and most notable reasons why dentists recommend kids wearing braces is when there is malocclusion. This is where the young one has misaligned teeth that are crooked and angled. Also, when they are too crowded in the space, that may necessitate the wearing of braces.

Other than the above, here are other reasons why children may need to wear braces.

1. When there is a bite

This is among the most common reasons why kids wear braces. This is where the jaw moves to one side, and doesn’t fit in place properly. Crossbite may lead to chipped and worn teeth. This condition is also characterized by pain as well as asymmetric growth of the jaws. Other types of bites that will require a child to wear braces include underbite, open bites, and deep bites. No matter the type of bite that your child is facing, it’s advisable for you to commence treatment at an early stage because it gets complicated when the patient is already an adult.

2. When permanent teeth grow in the wrong spot

There are many instances where permanent teeth may grow in the wrong spots and the best method that dentists use to correct it is through recommending the wearing of braces.

3. Severe teeth crowding

When permanent teeth start in the crowd, this can lead to problems. There are some which may grow into poor quality tissue, therefore presenting numerous challenges.

Kinds of dental braces for kids

There are various braces types that are available to kids. The most common of them all is the traditional braces. They don’t look as bad and bulky as the braces of the last decade. These traditional braces can be customized, and that’s why many children will feel comfortable wearing them. 

For children who want to express some sense of style, colored bands are available to them. Ceramic braces are another type that is best for kids who would like to hide their braves. They have a similar color to human teeth and can be hard to detect. Also available are the lingual braces that hire the brace’s wires on the inside, rather than having them visible on the outside. 

Do All Kids require Braces?

It’s only those children who need braces who can benefit from wearing them. Others who suffer from other dental conditions that don’t warrant the wearing of braces don’t need this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Professional dentists will ensure that your kids are fitted with the correct type of braces and help them achieve a perfect smile. The oral care experts will want to make sure that the youngsters have the fewest oral health challenges possible.

It is thus important that you schedule an appointment with a dentist and have your child examined properly. After the first consultation that is when the dentist can advise you about the best way to go regarding whether or not braces can be fitted on your child.  Also, it’s during the initial conversation that any question that you may have regarding this orthodontics procedure can be answered by the dentist.