Is Delta 8 Legal?

As Delta 8 rose to popularity, so did the discussion of whether it is legal or not. Recent changes made it easier to use hemp commercially while still setting restrictions on how much concentration is allowable for the safety and wellness of the consumers. Although this news looked good on paper, the topic of whether the Delta 8 products that are out on the market are legal or not remains unresolved. 

Legalization of Hemp

Hemp made the headlines in 2018 with the signing of the Farm Bill. This change made it possible to use hemp commercially and for recreational purposes. Along with it is a noticeable surge in Delta 8 products. However, although naturally obtainable, Delta 8 only comes in small amounts. So manufacturers had to find a way around it. A few tweaks to Delta 9, which shares a lot of traits with Delta 8, and you get enough Delta 8 to sell. But this doesn’t mean that every Delta 8 is legal. As a lot have argued, although hemp is already legalized and regulated, synthetic production of Delta 8 remains unregulated. So while Delta 8 extracted from hemp falls within the scope of regulations, synthetic products remain illegal.

Delta 8 Vapes

Vapes are among the products that joined in on the Delta 8 hype trains. The legality of the products varies from state to state, but the guidelines apply the same. If the Delta 8 used is not synthetically produced and is within the 0.3% THC limit set by the law, it is almost certainly up for grabs in online and physical stores. The effects of these products are likely to be the same as that of vaping, but with the additional calming and relaxing feeling that most CBD products offer. 

Delta 8 Cigarettes

Often seen as a new alternative to tobacco smoking, Delta 8 cigarettes offer a new way for people to get rid of nicotine dependence. Delta 8 cigarettes replicate the act of smoking tobacco while offering a nicotine-free way of enjoying it. It offers the same effects as most CBD products, plus it’s in a familiar form, so you might not even notice the difference. Of course, the regulation standards still apply.

Vapes vs Cigarettes

Delta 8 cigarettes prove to be a new way to drop tobacco smoking. It replicates the same feeling of a stick on your hand without the nicotine. Vapes are also a good choice. They’re better for the throat, and there are more flavor and scent options. Vapes also reduce the risk of getting cancer, as they don’t come with the carcinogens cigarette product produces. 


Whatever your reason is for wanting to buy Delta 8 products, there are a lot of stores that offer it. There is also a wide range of flavors and variations to suit your taste. Just make sure that what you’re buying is legal in your area – and that the store you’re buying from sells them within the regulatory limits – and you’re all set.