Is There Any Free Online Whiteboard for Online Teaching?

Yes. Since online education is growing faster, many exciting and useful tools are available. With this wordpress lms hosting platform create your online live classes for students and customize it according to your necessities. By using those tools you can improve your online teaching. Operating digital whiteboards you can communicate with students to make notes and diagrams. All these will be possible during the online session with the technologies. The whiteboard technology will keep the bond between teacher and student. It will help to focus students’ sites and interests toward grasping knowledge. These are providers who will give you the online whiteboard and extraordinary features.

Why Is An Online Whiteboard Important For Remote Teaching?

With an app or browser-based online whiteboard, instructors and students may work together remotely and in real-time while writing, drawing, and pinning photos. It is a key part of the learning management system. Online or web-based whiteboards are frequently used in web conferencing and virtual schools because they look and function like a traditional whiteboard.

Similar to a physical whiteboard, an interactive whiteboard is a fantastic tool for

  • Clarify Points
  • Note Important Information.
  • Structure Discussion Topics
  • Perform The Activities Or Tasks.
  • Making Mental Maps
  • And Work Together

An online whiteboard is easy to use, adaptable, participatory, and economical. It is a crucial tool for online training and cooperation since it is very engaging and visually appealing. Therefore, if you’re serious about teaching online, check out these top free and paid whiteboards.

Free Online Whiteboard

  • Canvas for Chrome: 

The Canvas for Chrome is a simple, no-frills programme. And as soon as you access the internet site, you’ll see that. There is no registration or data entry. You proceed directly to your board. There are 5 pens available on Canvas, each of which can have its colour, size, and opacity changed. I’m done now. No possibility to type or upload files. Working with layers is the only relatively sophisticated feature. It is possible to share, save as a picture, and save your whiteboard in Canvas for Chrome. Canvas for Chrome is an attractive and straightforward choice if this is all you want.

  • Google Jamboard

As long as you have a Google account, Jamboard is just as available as Canvas but has a much more comprehensive range of features. To start using your first whiteboard, click the sizeable Plus button at the bottom of the screen. Various pens, an eraser, a selection tool, sticky notes, picture import, shapes, text boxes, and a dazzling laser pen tool are all available on Jamboard. Additionally, you may change your backdrop and make several whiteboards that you can quickly go back and forth between. You can easily export your whiteboard from Jamboard to meetings planned in Google Calendar, save your whiteboard to your Google account, save as a picture, and save it as a PDF.

  • Whiteboard Fox 

When it speaks to free online whiteboards, Whiteboard Fox is a well-known brand. Your web browser makes it incredibly simple to get started sketching right now. It also has LMS capabilities. The Whiteboard Fox’s empty canvas has a grid design. The most fundamental tools for drawing and erasing are the drawing tools. You may also upload images. Whiteboard Fox is a tablet app used on iPads and Android tablets and as an online tool. For teams, all remote users are instantly updated with any changes.

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As you can see, many excellent websites are specifically for working together on interactive whiteboards. Online tutoring tools have advanced significantly over the past several years, becoming more functional as the online education market expanded.