Is there such a thing As Smart Mirror?

A lot has been talked about a smart mirror, but is there such a thing as a smart mirror? Yes, a smart mirror exists. A smart mirror is made up of a monitor and a miniature computer that is placed behind a two way mirror. It can show the weather, calendar, time, daily news and also daily events or news. The small smart mirrors, which are basic, are only capable of displaying information, but the high tech choices which are touch enabled have a camera, a speaker, a microphone and several sensors. It’s because of these amazing features that its capability is improved significantly.

How does a smart mirror work?

Smart mirrors consist of 3 main components-a small computer with Wi-Fi capability, a two way mirror and a digital display. But a few may also have a fourth component- a frame that is mainly used for esthetic purposes.

The two way mirror allows the entry of light from the rear side but ensures that light from other directions is reflected. These mirrors are made from diverse materials and have varying transparency levels.

The acrylic mirrors are the most popular and also affordable, but the choices that are made from glass are the more affordable choices. They are also the preferred choice for many people because of their ability to offer amazing quality of images.

Normally the computer is a small sized device that has very limited processing power. If you want, you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi and get real time information. Some of the computers are sold with software, Bluetooth capability and supports external storage, Depending on how you want to use it; you can also connect your computer to several peripherals.

How you can use smart mirrors

Smart mirrors can be put into many uses.  You can check the weather, get the latest news and get stock prices. You can also use it while putting up your makeup. After connecting this innovative device to the web, you can gain access to your social media feeds, check prices and get reminders among other things. You can also use it to research recipes, check your email and shop online.

The best example of smart mirror

There are several brands of smart mirrors, but one of the most notable brands is the Mirrex Compact Mirror which offers a wide array of features. It provides you with an optimal view of yourself, provides color corrective details and is constructed to be strong and stylish.  Other than helping you to apply makeup,Mirrex compact mirror features a wireless charger, so you can use this incredible beauty item to charge your phones and other gadgets. Connect it to the web and you can have access to current news, read your email, access your social media account and even shop online.