Laptop Shortcut Keys And Their Functions

Shortcut Keys

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants their computer to be fast. Luckily, main keyboard shortcuts are designed to make your browsing, typing, and viewing experiences more convenient. These are specific key combinations on the keyboard that allow you to quickly do things on a laptop without using a mouse or trackpad. 

Mac Versus Windows Keyboard Shortcuts? 

Mac and Windows keyboards might look the same, but they have some subtle differences. The main difference between the two is

  • The Windows keyboard uses the ctrl key, whereas Mac keyboards use the command key. Both keys serve the same functions and will be used quite often.
  • The ALT key on the Windows keyboard has various functions depending on the user command, while on Mac, it provides other different functions. It is used mainly for cursor control when combined with the arrow keys. You can use it to insert special characters.

Besides the two different operating systems having subtle differences, i.e., Windows or MacBook. No matter which one you have. It is essential to know as many shortcuts as possible as it will make you work faster and conveniently. For this purpose, we are mentioning below a few of the shortcut keys for both Mac and windows keyboard with their functions. 

Laptop Shortcuts Keys And Their Function

Open The Start Menu

In windows pressing Ctrl+Esc will help you open the start menu. It will be helpful if you use a keyboard that doesn’t have a window key. Whereas press ctrl+F2 if you are working with mac to move to the menu bar.

Switch Apps

Alt+Tab is one of the classic window shortcuts. However, it tends to switch between multiple applications. Compared with Mac, all you need to press here is the command + tab keys and then hold the command key that will bring up the floating app switcher.

Save A Screenshot

With win+prtScn, you can conveniently capture the whole screen and save it as a PNG file in a screenshot folder inside the picture folder. you can take the screenshot just from the active window rather than the whole screen, you can press the Alt+prtScn and copy this image to the clipboard. In contrast, to take a screenshot on Mac, press and hold these three keys shift+command+3.


You can reverse your last action for windows by using Ctrl +Z. It will be helpful if you mistakenly delete a file or write something in Microsoft Word. While on Macbook, you will use command-z or f1 for this purpose.


You can press ctrl +w to close whatever you are viewing, i.e., file explorer window, browser tab, or image file if you have Windows OS. On the other hand, if you are working on a MacBook, you will press command-w.

Select all

Select or highlight all the text in a document or a folder by pressing ctrl+A in the window. This shortcut key saves the time you spend clicking and dragging the mouse. Whereas in MacBook, you can use Command-A to select all items.

Copy Text or File

For copying text or file in windows, press ctrl+c. While on Mac, press command-C for copying text or files.

Close apps

Another shortcut key in Windows is Alt+F4 to close active apps. It will also notify you to save your documents before closing them out. While in Mac, If an app freezes or hangs in Mac, you can immediately use the shortcut option+command+ESC to force quit the app.  

Show or Hide the Desktop

You can quickly access the desktop and close all your open windows using the WIN+D combination. Whereas in mac, you can minimize the current window by pressing command+M. Furthermore, you can minimize similar application windows by using the command+option+M shortcut key.

Lock a Windows computer 

You can easily lock a window computer from your keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting the “Lock” option. If you want to close the computer using the keyboard only, do this by pressing the Windows key+L command. On the other hand, press command+control+Q to lock the mac.

These are some of the keyboard shortcut keys for Mac and windows and their functions. They will help you save time and enable you to perform processes quickly. 

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