LAUSD Zoom: Empowering Online Learning in the Digital Era

LAUSD Zoom stands for the Los Angeles Unified School District and is 

 increasingly significant today. The district learning management system is the symbol of serving the diverse student population in the world.

 LAUSD Zoom is a well-known and successful platform for creating a  communication system between teachers and students. Through this platform, teachers and students interact, share content and engage in video calls for online learning. LAUSD Zoom has a user-friendly interface that allows phone conversations for online education.

LAUSD Zoom helps students learn by letting them work with their peers, participate in interesting discussions, turn in their schoolwork, and check their schedules, among other activities. The technology allows for online video learning with up to 300 people, making it easy for big and small groups to communicate with each other.


How to JOIN LAUSD Zoom?

Teachers can easily schedule meetings by following simple steps and joining in with an LAUSD single sign-on username and password.

Signing into LAUSD Zoom on the web with your LAUSD Single Sign-On

Follow these steps to get to LAUSD Zoom over the web:


  1. Go to the site for LAUSD Zoom.
  2. Type in your username and password for the LAUSD single sign-on system.
  3. Once you log in, you can navigate around LAUSD Zoom to see what it can do.
  4. How to set up an LAUSD Zoom meeting and share it with others
  5. Follow these steps to schedule a Zoom meeting and ask people to join:
  6. Go to “Schedule a Meeting” on the LAUSD Zoom website.
  7. Enter the necessary information, like the meeting’s theme, date, time, and length of time.
  8. Just click “Save” to make the meeting happen.
  9. In the “Time” section, you can call others by clicking “Outlook Calendar” or copying the meeting invitation and sending it to the participants.


Tips & Tricks for Using LAUSD Zoom:


To enhance your experience with LAUSD Zoom, here are some tips and tricks for users to follow:


Changing Your Display Name in Zoom Rooms:
  • Inside the Zoom Room interface, click the “Participants” icon at the bottom of the window.
  • You will see a Participants bar on the right side.
  • Type your name, and a “More >” button will appear.
  • Enter your official employee name in the “New Screen Name” field, similar to what you see on your pay stub.
  • Click the option “Remember my name for future meetings.”
  • Click the blue “OK” button to display your new name.

How To Activate LAUSD Zoom Account?

LAUSD MyMail Email Account Reset and Activation for Students’ Zoom

MyMail email accounts can be activated, or passwords reset in the following ways:


  • Click the link or type it into your browser’s address bar to visit the MyLogin home page of the site.
  • Choose “Student” from the list of options on the MyLogin site page.
  • Depending on your information, choose one of the three choices to activate or reset your password.
  • Follow the directions and agree to the Proper Use Policy (RUP) – BUL-999.13 of LAUSD.
  • Once you have set up or changed your MyMail account password, you can use your MyMail email address and password to log in to the Schoology platform.
  • You can access your classes through Schoology, where Zoom meetings and course materials are located.

Using Video Conferencing Safely On LAUSD Zoom:

You should make sure that video calling is safe, and it is essential to follow these precautions recommended by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):


  • Avoid making video conferencing or classrooms in public.
  • Don’t share links to teleconferences or classrooms on social media posts that are publicly accessible. Send the link straight to the people you want to connect.
  • Use the options available for sharing your screen wisely.
  • Make sure that all members’ internet access and meeting applications are up-to-date.
  • Please immediately tell the LAUSD Security team or the FBI about hacking or teleconference incidents.

LAUSD Zoom benefits For students and teachers:


Effortless Communication: LAUSD Zoom allows teachers and students to collaborate smoothly. 


Flexibility and Accessibility: Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District can use Zoom to access their courses and course materials from any location with an internet connection, increasing both convenience and access to education. This flexibility benefits students who cannot attend classes due to illness or distant learning.


Customization: LAUSD Zoom enables personalized learning by offering tools and features for each student. Specialized education, one-on-one help, and interactive activities can improve learning.


Collaboration and Group Work: LAUSD Zoom helps students interact on projects, assignments, and group discussions. Virtual conference rooms allow students to discuss ideas and solve problems.


Attendance and Engagement Tracking: LAUSD Zoom lets teachers track student attendance and involvement in virtual sessions. Teachers can monitor students’ participation, interactions, and task fulfillment.


Large-Scale Events and Webinars: LAUSD Zoom’s connection with Zoom Webinars lets the system host community events, professional development, and school board meetings. It lets 10,000 people chat at once.


LAUSD Zoom provides teachers and students with a complete online learning and communication platform to enhance education.


LAUSD Zoom is a trusted and user-friendly tool that promotes remote learning and smooth connections between teachers and students regardless of location. The tutorial and guidance are intended to aid educators and students in making the most of their LAUSD Zoom experience. With 2K video and a 360-degree beam formation mic array, the Nearity C45 All-In-One speakerphone camera provides a versatile solution for teachers and students, especially for gathering areas and remote teaching events. Its high-quality camera and wide-angle lens give all participants a clear view, boosting the virtual learning experience.


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