Leather Sofa Upholstering – Top Tips For Getting the Best Results

When looking at sofa upholstering, it’s tempting to pick the first piece you see. And while it may work out cheap initially to buy a sofa that is a piece of furniture that needs cleaning, the longer you let it sit, the more costly it becomes. So what do you do? Do you go for a cheaper alternative or do you invest in new and high-quality sofa furniture? This article gives you the facts on choosing the best fabrics for sofa upholstery Dubai.

High-grade upholstered materials

Well, selecting high-grade upholstered materials like the heavy-duty fabric ensures your sofa will last for many years! However, knowing the correct fabric to use on your sofa can be a bit tricky. You have to consider several factors before deciding on the right material.

Durability of the fabric

You have to determine the durability of the fabric. Usually, it’s easy to spot the fabrics which are more durable because they have big, circular buttonholes which allow for big amounts of stuffing. It’s also easy to spot threads that are very durable. The threads are small and are usually not visible. You need to note the thread count on the fabric as well. If you have limited budgets but you want to ensure durability, you should go for fabrics with a low thread count.

The durability of the sofa cushion is directly linked to the sofa upholstering on it. If you want to get quality at a bargain price, it’s best to purchase a cushion that comes with new fabric. However, there are some fabrics that require sewing, like the slip-on cushions for couches.

Staple down sofa back

Staple-down sofa back together fabrics are a must. Even though it sounds hard, it’s not really. You will need some staples. The staples can be either the metal ones or the wooden tongue and groove type. This will ensure that all the parts of the sofa come together properly. It is easier to work with the staples than it is to pull apart pieces of fabric on your own.

Once you’ve ensured the quality of your sofa upholstering by sticking all the pieces together, you can start removing them. Make sure you remove each piece carefully so you don’t rip anything. Remember that you need to preserve the cushion, thus removing it might lead to the destruction of the original sofa. You will also need to remove the old sofa upholstering from the sofa. It’s important to remember that removing old upholstered cushions requires more care compared to replacing them.

After removing the cushions from the sofa, you should first inspect them carefully for any damages. You want to reupholster the cushions and make sure that they match with the new sofa. If you are going to reuse the sofa that you have previously reupholstered, you will definitely need to buy a new matching chair. However, if you are going to buy a new sofa, you will have an easier time finding matching chairs. You can also easily find a sofa without any pattern that will make it easier for you to find a matching chair as well.


Once you have all the pieces ready, you can now start reupholstering your sofa. When doing this task, it’s important that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your sofa in order to avoid damage to the upholstered material. Some people prefer to buy upholstered furniture from dubaiartificialgrass because you can get great discounts there. There are even some companies out there that specialize in upholstering furniture and they offer fantastic deals to those who choose their sofa as a house upholstered piece.