Lift & Slide Doors: Cost & Advantages

Choosing the right door for your house is essential. It allows inhabitants to enter/leave the building and is vital in uplifting your property’s aesthetic appeal. With changing times and the need to improve home aesthetics, more and more homeowners are inclining towards lift and sLide doors. 

The best thing about lift and slide doors is that they can easily fit into any room while offering excellent thermal insulation. But the one thing that many people think about before installation is the lift and slide doors cost.

Cost of Lift and Slide Doors

The price of lift and slide doors usually depends on the chosen material. The lift and slide doors are available in different materials like aluminium, vinyl, wood, and aluminium-clad wood. 

Since wood is a natural material and offers warm aesthetics, it is one of the most expensive materials available for doors. On the other hand, vinyl is cheaper due to its lower processing and manufacturing cost. Even lift and slide aluminium doors are quite reasonably priced than wood. 

However, another essential factor that determines the cost of this door style is your intended use. You must go for a weather-resistant material if your lift and slide door is likely to be exposed to bad weather conditions. 

Another thing that adds up to the cost of this door style is your need for burglary and security protection. You can consult a professional anodised aluminium windows supplier to find which material and features are suitable for your needs. This will help you determine the cost of your door. The final price will be based on the door’s purpose, weather exposure, location, and frequency of use. 

Advantages of Installing Lift and Slide Doors:

Here are the significant advantages of installing quality lift and slide doors:

Easy to Use:

Lift and slide doors are not only easy to install but easy to use as well. With minimal lifting mechanism, these doors easily glide without friction. Due to their high-quality hardware, these doors are also child and pet-friendly. 


Double/triple glazing with Low-E glass planes is meant to decrease heat loss and energy consumption. All thanks to the energy-efficient glass, you can easily maintain optimum room temperature without even requiring an AC or heater. The high R-values, as well as low U-values, are essential for guaranteed warmth and maximum comfort. 

Outstanding Outside View:

Lift and slide doors contain large glass panes, allowing abundant daylight to enter a room. This also offers an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and hence, enhances the market value of your property. By installing this door into your home, you can easily make your room appear spacious, brighter and inviting. 


The noise coming from outdoors is a negative point in urban regions. It can be annoying for inhabitants. But with soundproof lift and slide doors, you can enjoy a comfortable, noise-free indoor environment. Large lift and slide patio doors mainly contain glass panes. So, if they are double/triple glazed, it can easily minimize the outside noise from entering your room. 


Today, many homeowners prefer to install lift and slide doors in different areas of their house, such as a backyard, balcony, or living room with a garden view. This LIXIL door enables you to make your room appear larger while offering an unobstructed outdoor view. Hence, this door style is idyllic for urban homes and properties beside a lake or amid a beautiful landscape.