Make wide nails look narrower: the best tips

You can make wide nails look significantly narrower with the right shape and color. You don’t necessarily have to visit a nail salon for this. With the right tips and tricks, you can also conjure up narrow nails at home.

Making wide nails appear narrower: the right nail shape

Wide nails quickly appear coarse and not very elegant. But above all, with the right shape, you can make wide nails look significantly narrower. In just a few steps, you can make wide nails look significantly narrower. All you need is a file and some time.

  • Curved paper files are particularly suitable for filing . These are not only cheap, but also easy to use. A 100 grit is particularly good for filing nails.
  • Nail files made of stainless steel or glass are particularly sustainable and hygienic . These can be used for years. They are also easy to clean and disinfect.
  • If possible, never file your wide nails into a square shape. Although this is considered extremely modern, it ensures that your nails appear even wider. Especially if you have short nails.
  • Your nails will appear significantly narrower if you round off the edges. File your nails into as oval a shape as possible. This not only looks natural and well-groomed, but also conjures up slim nails.
  • The longer the nails are, the slimmer they appear. But beware; Claws that are too long may hinder you in everyday life. In addition, overly long nails are extremely maintenance-intensive and tend to tear or break.

Narrow nails due to nail polish

Not only with the right shape you can make your nails look slimmer. Even with the right nail polish, your fingernails will appear much less wide.

  • Do not choose bright or flashy colors. These make the nails appear even more striking and wider. In addition, extravagantly painted nails really attract everyone’s attention.
  • If you don’t want to do without strong colors, you should not paint the entire width of the nails , but leave a small stripe on the left and right. This makes the nail appear narrower.
  • Delicate and reserved pastel tones are much better suited for wide nails. Above all, varnishes in beige and rosé or nude harmonize well with wide nails and make them appear narrower.
  • A clear coat that makes your nails shine is also well suited. If you want a completely natural look and want to do without nail polish completely, you can use a polishing file to give your nails a high shine.

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