Making face cream at home And it’s Benefits

Nowadays, industrial cosmetics for many women are losing their relevance, and now women are increasingly returning to affordable and effective home care. Before spending money on a dubious chemical, it’s best to try making your own making face cream at home. The natural product will not contain any components harmful to the skin.

Natural substances have a beneficial effect on the delicate epidermis, making home care a fun and very rewarding pastime. A good making face cream at home must have a number of properties, without which all its value is lost. In the next section of the article, you can learn more about them.

Benefits of natural formulations

Homemade face cream is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. A composition prepared only from natural components simply cannot but saturate the epidermis with useful trace elements. It is important to understand that strict requirements are imposed on a natural cosmetic product.

  1. Safety. You do not need to add any chemicals to the product. First, it is unlikely to enhance its effect. Secondly, supplements can harm your skin. If you have sensitive epidermis, prepare only a hypoallergenic face cream.
  2. Soft texture. Natural cream should not be too thick, but not liquid either. The ideal composition is well and quickly absorbed into the epidermis. Often a hand-made cream rolls on the face. Why this happens, as well as how to distribute the composition over the skin in an even layer, we will tell below.
  3. Pleasant aroma. Various natural fragrances will help to make the cream fragrant. Essential oils of plants and flowers give the cosmetic an incredibly attractive and truly magical scent. Herbal infusions, decoctions and fruit juices, which are often taken as the basis for homemade cream, also have this property.
  4. High efficiency. If you are preparing a regular night or day making face cream at home, it may not have any specific function. Such a product simply actively moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis. But in cases where it is necessary to create a remedy for treating the skin of the face from acne, eliminating wrinkles and age spots, it should contain active ingredients.

Self-preparation of cosmetics is not an art, since each of us can make a cream at home. But having tried this procedure once, you will experience incomparable pleasure.

Disadvantages of homemade cream

The use of a natural remedy can be overshadowed by its specific feature: the home composition rolls down on the face. Unfortunately, such a nuisance happens quite often. Even if you know how to apply the cream on your face correctly, it can still collect into lumps without being absorbed into the epidermis in the right amount. This is due to various reasons.

  1. Dry facial skin. Dehydration and severe peeling of the epidermis prevent the components of the cream from penetrating into the deeper layers of the tissues, so the composition rolls off.
  2. The cream is too thick. Some natural products contain substances that form a film on the surface of the face. Because of this, the cream cannot be evenly distributed. In this case, apply the composition with light patting movements.
  3. Expired product. If the cream rolls on the skin, it may be past its expiration date. Many perishable products are usually added to a home cosmetic product. Therefore, be careful about the process of selecting ingredients.

If the homemade day cream for the face rolls down on the skin, then later it gets in the way when applying makeup. The composition has to be washed off, which significantly worsens the condition of the epidermis. To avoid this, you do not need to prepare the cream in large quantities. Over time, you will learn how to create products with the perfect texture, optimal thickness and the most beneficial composition. We invite you to explore the best recipes for natural making face cream at homeand start gentle care.

Best making face cream at home recipes

All recipes for homemade creams were collected by our grandmothers and mothers. The natural formulations have remained virtually unchanged over time. However, now it has become much easier to make a cream with your own hands. Modern girls do not have to wait for summer in order to collect herbs at a certain time, from which infusions and decoctions can be made. Healing plants are sold in pharmacies in filter bags or in bulk at an affordable price, so making a natural cream is not difficult. A variety of fruits and berries, as well as oils and extracts have also become available at any time of the year.

Almost any nourishing face cream these days contains fruit pulp that our grandmothers could not find in their youth. Why not take advantage of these opportunities and start the creative process of creating a homemade face makeup? We have collected the best recipes for you.

Anti-aging composition

The recipes for creams for aging skin are varied. We invite you to try a very popular and highly effective cosmetic composition. You can make it from simple products:

  • liquid vitamin E – 3 capsules;
  • green clay – 40 g;
  • aloe vera gel – 40 ml;
  • vegetable glycerin – 20 ml;
  • honey – 20 ml;
  • lavender essential oil – 7 drops.

By mixing all the ingredients, you will get the best face cream for aging skin. Its only drawback is its short shelf life. Therefore, you will have to prepare this natural cream only in single doses.


You can make a light nourishing face cream from products that can be found in every home. You will need the following ingredients:

  • lemon zest – 60 g;
  • boiling water – 100 ml;
  • vegetable oil – 20 ml;
  • milk – 20 ml;
  • honey – 20 ml;
  • cognac – 10 ml;
  • decoction of rose petals – 50 ml.

Pour boiling water over the zest and leave to infuse for 12 hours. Then strain the broth and add the rest of the ingredients to it. The cream can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. This kind of composition never rolls down on the skin, perfectly tightens and tones it.

Universal herbal cream

Herbal cream recipes have been prized at all times. They have become especially popular now. Why is the demand for them so high? It is very simple to prepare such a product, and its properties are simply amazing, which is important with a constant shortage of time. To remove traces of fatigue from the face, cleanse the skin of toxins and soften it, prepare a cream from the available ingredients:

  • butter – 20 g;
  • chamomile broth – 40 ml.

Mix the softened butter with chamomile broth and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After that, you can apply the product to the skin twice a day. The composition is stored for a long time, does not roll on the surface of the face, is perfectly absorbed and does not require rinsing.

The decision to skip store-bought cosmetics is very important for some women. Sometimes it is possible to get rid of skin imperfections without negative consequences only with the help of natural home care. Having tested on themselves the natural elements in the composition of creams, the girls are perplexed why before they used exclusively factory products. In conclusion, we suggest you watch a video from which you will learn a lot of interesting information about the benefits of natural creams. The author of the video will show you how to prepare a remedy at home quickly and without hassle.

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