Making your scalp hair strong and healthy

Hair is the most important part of your whole body. Your scalp hair needs a lot of tender care. You need to make sure that it is not exposed to certain things to avoid any further damage. If you have weak hair, it is important to give them the right nourishment and oils to stop any further damage. 

There are a lot of things one can do to stop or slow down the problem of hair loss. There are many reasons why one loses hair, but the right care makes them strong and healthy. If you want to stop the excessive shedding, you need to use thickening hair products that are not harsh on your hair and your scalp. 

In this article, you will find out how you can keep your hair healthy by avoiding a few harmful things/products. Also, you will find a few tips for keeping the scalp hair from the problem of excessive shedding. So, follow the below-mentioned steps and you will get beautiful, strong, and thick hair without any hair loss problem. 

Please note, if you are facing any excessive shedding problem and it is uncontrollable, consult a doctor for the same. 

5 things you should avoid to make your hair healthier and stronger

Here are a few points that you need to always remember to decrease your hair loss problem. These points would help you in getting stronger and healthier hair. 

  • Cut down the use of hair sprays, styling creams, hair gels, or any other product that has chemical ingredients, as this can dry your hair and can cause a formation of flakes in your scalp. 
  • Exposure to the sun, rainwater, pollution, and dust can make your hair dry, weak, and brittle. Make sure you avoid excessive exposure of your hair to all of this so that your scalp remains healthy and there is no damage created to your hair.  
  • Excessive medications and stress can result in hair loss. It is better to keep your mind stress-free and avoid complex medication as it can harm your hair and can result in baldness. 
  • Avoid harsh treatments like perms, relaxers, hair colors, etc. because they can take an unhealthy toll on your hair and damage them by making them rough.
  • Avoid changing your shampoo and conditioner at regular intervals. If you want to change the shampoo, then use a mild shampoo for six months before changing and going to the new one. 

These are a few things you need to avoid to reduce hair loss problems. It is always advisable to use natural products. These products help in natural hair growth as they do not have any side effects or damage to your hair (yet, precautions to be taken)

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Tips for keeping your hair strong and healthy

There are many reasons due to which you can start losing your hair or they become brittle. It is important to take tender care of your hair so that they stop falling and stay healthy. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent your hair from shedding or breaking – 

  • Take proper care of your hair. Do not wash your hair after every alternate day. This will remove all the oils from your scalp leaving your hair dry and rough. Wash your hair after proper oiling or by applying some natural hair mask like an onion mask that helps in hair growth.
  • Meditating can keep your body and your hair very healthy. It helps you to be stress-free and brings the right bounce in your hair. 
  • Have a proper diet. Eating oily, fried, and something that has a lot of carbs can affect your hair. This can lead to excessive hair fall. Therefore, it is advisable to have a diet that includes fresh herbs, protein, and vitamins (especially vitamin A as it helps in increasing the rate of hair growth). 

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The scalp hair undergoes a process that involves growth, shedding, and hair regrowth. 

It is always necessary to keep your hair healthy and take precautions to prevent it from shedding or breaking. Use products that will suit your hair and not create excessive damage. 

If you are experiencing sudden hair loss patches, thinning of hair, or uncontrollable hair loss, visit a doctor immediately.