Growing your beard has never been easier

It takes a bit of effort on the way to a full beard. But the patience and effort are worth it. A well-groomed beard quickly becomes the MALE GROOMING TIPS ultimate eye-catcher. Our tips will keep you well-groomed while you let your beard grow. Growing the beard can be a bit of a challenge. To ensure that you emerge from the challenge as a winner at the end, you should follow a few tips.

Why you should grow a beard

There’s one compelling reason men grow beards: simply because they can! A well-groomed beard is not only the epitome of masculinity – it also gives every man the opportunity to express his uniqueness. Full beard, 3-day beard, goatee, mustache and much more in between: there are no limits to your imagination. Trendy beard styles and real classics have long since become socially acceptable. So there are no more excuses why you shouldn’t grow a beard. In addition, the 3-day beard, for example, also has a special effect on women – if it doesn’t scratch.

If you let your beard grow, you also have to take care of it

Properly cared for, your beard is a fashion asset that you can style as you wish – probably the only asset that exudes masculinity and self-confidence so naturally and is still unique. But sending your razor on holiday is by no means enough. After all, we are no longer living in the Stone Age. Controlled breeding brings the best results and also makes you look well groomed while growing your beard.

Grow a beard and still look well-groomed

There is no exact schedule for growing a beard. Every man’s beard grows differently. Different speeds and different densities. The more even and dense the beard growth, the easier it is to let the beard grow. So take it sporty if your facial hair doesn’t sprout quite as quickly and densely as you would like. With a few tricks and the right tactics you will find the right solution. We will show you how you can always look well-groomed while your beard is growing and what beard care can support you.

Step by step to a full beard

Your dream of the perfect beard is within reach. At least if you follow these practical tips:



Take care of your skin before you let your beard grow

Before you let your beard grow, you should carefully care for the exposed skin in the beard area. Care with moisture and skin-strengthening active ingredients is ideal for this. Exfoliation also has a beneficial effect on the quality of the skin and can facilitate hair growth. In this way, you also better counteract the initial itching caused by hair growing out. The Barber Club Beard & Face  Peeling by L’Oréal Men Expert exfoliates with nut powder, which removes dead skin from your face and intensively cleanses the skin. Beard and skin become more supple and feel comfortable.



Keep it a consistent length

At the beginning, bring your beard to a uniform length – of course only if you already have a beard. Otherwise, give nature a few days and then trim to a length. Your reliable partner in the company “Let a beard grow” is the beard trimmer. It should be used every two to three days. This is how you achieve consistent results. Stay on the lowest setting of the beard trimmer until you are happy with the density. Then you raise. The ideal length depends on your taste.



Maintain your beard even if it is short

Beard care does not begin with the completed full beard. As soon as the first stubble sprout, you should resort to effective beard and facial care. To avoid itching while growing your beard, use a moisturizer or beard oil. The Barber Club 3-Day Beard and Face Care  is enriched with Cedarwood essential oil, which softens stubble and soothes your skin comfortably.



Use a special beard shampoo

As you let your beard grow, it will eventually reach a length where proper maintenance can become challenging. After all, all kinds of residue accumulate in the thick, long beard. Of course, these have no place there, which is why you should wash your beard regularly. Use shampoos and conditioners that clean the beard thoroughly. Barber Club 3-in-1 beard shampoo  cleans beard, skin and hair intensively. The slightly foaming texture removes dirt residue and cares for the skin particularly gently. Then you simply let the beard hair dry.



Think about styling

After you have let your beard grow, it now shines in all its glory. But no reason to be careless now. Give your beard the attention it deserves and ensure the perfect styling! The beard care products from L’Oréal Men Expert support you in this. With the Barber Club Beard and Hair Styling Pomade  you gain control over your beard. It doesn’t matter whether your beard is short or long: the pomade tames every mustache in an uncomplicated way. In addition, the pomade can also be used to style the hair – so not only does the beard fit, but also the hairstyle.



show edge

Remember that a beard should always be trimmed. You should also always remove surrounding hairs that occasionally grow out. So shave the edges and contours of your beard regularly and ensure an accurate look. Leave nothing to chance and ensure the perfect all-round look after waxing your beard with the right care!