Managing and Scheduling AC Service Contracts and AC Service Agreements

People who do not start and/or manage the AC service contract program do not properly consider issues related to the organization and management of all components. The facts can quickly get out of control.

AC service 

contracts work with a relatively small number of garments using manuscript scheduling systems. Spreadsheet layouts usually help carry the workload to the future. Maintenance, repair, and replacement costs during the contract period are estimated at thousands of dollars, so we recommend that you consult with us.

The right choice of program is ideal, but if you are configuring a new program for the first time, it is recommended to skip the program. Delay software release before learning other principles. Program results from promoting sales opportunities and providing specialized services. If you have software, use it. If you do not have the program, use the manual method 6 months before starting the new program.

Believe what you know:

Several AC service contracts. Mark your progress and achievements.

എണ്ണം Number of settings, incomplete/incomplete. (Checks for all AC service agreements)

Several songs are played per month.

• Identified income. Specify search revenue only.

Unrealized profit. (Not yet set up)

Details of equipment are included in each AC service agreement.

Hand mechanism

When promoting singles as a marketing strategy, we want to turn each one into a service mission. Do not use a personal audit as the first condition of the contract. Two checks are issued for each new service assignment, and the second adjustment is made at the end of the AC service contract. 

This process allows the senior PTS program to renew the contract while preparing the second contract. If you can not fix the ballpark, you do not want to be discouraged, so invest in a good capo. Owners are more urgent to upgrade when debts are paid off. Compared to phone calls and messages, PTS renews more contracts. PTS will receive a bonus or spiff for each upgrade.

Fill out a spreadsheet for each of your new AC service contracts, focus on your monthly workload, and plan the next two songs. You need to balance your workload. Use a different segment of your spreadsheet each month.

Put a copy of the last decade in a file that can be expanded into 12 pockets each month. Submit the consent form next month. Obtain the AC repair and service contract at the beginning of the month from the extracted volume. Compare the paper nodes with the spreadsheet, check the list, and paste the copy into the expanded file for further editing. Update spreadsheet record

If PTS does not renew your contract, please go to the customer to find out why. Develop some procedures that can be used to improve the update.

General Procedure:

Use addresses for AC service agreements and service files. “Street Name”, “Street Number”, “City”, “State”, “Index” files. People are moving in, but devices usually stay at the same address. AC service agreements are created and cannot be transferred to any part of the device. In the event of a client change, a new contract is signed.

സൃഷ്ട Address Create a contract for each address and register all equipment at that address.

Check your instructions when you are ready to purchase computer software to run your exchange business.