Mario unlocked games

Mario Bros is undoubtedly one of the most popular video games from its inception to the present, as there is not a single player who does not know about its existence. Because it’s so addicting, you’ve probably been looking for ways to play it online, and here you’ll find out the best alternative available .

In this quick Dontruko guide, we will tell you a bit about how you can play mario on Unlocked Games , showing you the steps required in the process.

Learn to play Mario in Unblocked Games

It is a popular title with each of its versions very easy to hit the platform, mainly because of its prominence in it. If you haven’t used Unblocked Games before, it might be a bit difficult for you to find Mario there, but don’t worry, we’ll help you by showing you all the steps below: 

  1. In your Search browser, search for the Unblocked Games platform.
  2. You’ll get it in search results, open it.
  3. At the top of the page, find the search magnifying glass and click on it.
  4. Enter “Mario” in the field and start uploading the results.
  5. All available versions of the title will appear and you only need to open the one you choose.
  6. Press “Play” on the game screen and start your adventures with Mario.

What is Super Mario about?

This entertaining game will provide you with a wide range of entertainment options because you will be playing through exciting and fun scenarios, each of which is related to a different theme. There is a wide variety of versions of the game, so you won’t get tired of playing the same one over and over again.

As you progress through the game, your main goal should be to get to where the princess is in order to save her. To do this, you will have to face numerous challenges and obstacles such as eating plants, poisonous mushrooms, and flying turtles that will kill you if they touch you.

You also have the ability to pick up special items such as dice with question marks, which by hitting them with your head will give you a special power. For example, they make you immune or longer for a certain amount of time, which creates more resistance, plus you have your brother Luigi’s support along the way.

Jelly Mario Unlocked Games

Jelly Mario Unlocked Games

If you’re a Mario fan, you’ll probably want to try every version of the game, even the most difficult one, as some of them put you to the test. Surely challenges are not a problem for you , so playing Jelly Mario is what you like, but getting this game online is somewhat difficult.

If this happens to you, we will offer you a solution because we will teach you how to play Jelly Mario on Unlocked Games , one of the best platforms that gives you this opportunity.

How to play Jelly Mario in Unblocked Games

Unblocked Games is a great platform for a website where you can play your favorite video games. without any inconvenience or limitation. This is not only because it allows you to do this even when firewalls are in use on your network, but also because it is fairly easy to understand.

That’s why we show you the steps you need to follow below to see how easy it is to play Jelly Mario there :

  1. On your computer or mobile device, open the default search engine or the one you prefer to use the most.
  2. On the main page, type “Unlocked games” in the line at the top and press Enter.
  3. When it loads, open the first result and wait for the platform screen to appear.
  4. You will find a list of all available video games, but it will be easier for you to write “Mario Jelly” in the text field in the upper right corner.
  5. When you do that, the game will appear among the results and all you have to do is open it and start enjoying it.

What you need to know about Jelly Mario

When you enter the world of Jelly Mario, a lot will be like you, because, like in other versions, your goal is to save the princess. As always, for this you will have to deal with all the obstacles of the game, mainly turtles that will kill you just by touching you.

But there is a difference that stands out above all, and it is the jelly movement that is generated in the game, which is why it got its name. Your character will scroll like jelly, like all the elements with which you get there, so it will not be easy for you to complete your mission quickly.

Mario Cat Pokey

Mario Cat Pokey

One of the most attractive aspects of Mario games is their variety, as the franchise has multiple versions that keep you entertained but help you enjoy. In this regard, Mario Cat is one of the most outstanding, because in this version the protagonist changes, as he is not a classic, but rather a cat.

In order for you to know every detail of this game, we have created this short guide, where we tell you how to play Poki the cat mario in a simple way.

How to play Mario Cat on Poki

If you have already played Mario games, then it will not be difficult for you to do this with Mario Cat, since the most important variation is based only on changing the character. However, the mechanism is the same, so after a short time you will be able to understand it if you practice whenever you can, what you will achieve by playing online.

Poki is one of the most suitable platforms for this, as it has all the games you love so much, no downloads are required for free. You get the game in question on this website by following the steps we will show you below:

  1. In the search engine of your choice, find a text string and write “Poki” in it.
  2. Once the investigation is completed, you will find several results and you must open the one that appears first.
  3. When the page loads, you have two options: search for the game among the categories or use the search engine.
  4. For the second, click on the magnifying glass next to the silver logo and type “Mario Cat” and then press Enter.
  5. Click on the indicated option and then start playing.

What you should know about Mario Cat

When playing Mario Cat, you will notice that its mechanism is similar to that used when playing Super Mario Bros, but the main difference is that you have to do it as a cat. Similarly, the idea is to try to get as far as you can while trying to avoid enemies touching you or destroy them by jumping on them.

Take advantage of every tool in the game when you’re on bricks, such as unknown blocks that usually give you special bonuses, or limbo tubes to move around.