Memory Booster Techniques for Students

If a student is given an opportunity to ask for a boon, he/she will only ask that his memory power increase greatly. This is the only wish by the students these days because the course material and syllabus has become very hectic for them and in the cut throat competition these days it has become really necessary for the students to increase their memory power with the exceeding pace of time and competition level. Sometimes students are able to memorize big lessons and topics in a jiffy and sometimes the same students are not able to memorize small terms like LMS full form. But if they keep learning and memorizing with the help of fixed strategy then they will be able to memorize all the details including LMS full form. For students it becomes quite hectic to maintain their daily school life with various activities and this stress they go through, affects their memory power. Students try their best to give their 100% towards their studies and learning. Still, sometimes they find it very difficult to memorize their lessons and topics given to them and the bone of contention to this issue is unplanned learning and memorizing. So, what are those strategies which can help the students increase their memory power and these techniques will be proved as a memory booster for the students. We will learn about those strategies in this article further in detail. 

First of all, to memorize the lessons the student must be very attentive towards the topic and its content. It is so because being attentive is the most important part of the memorizing process. Human’s memory journey travels from short term memory to long term memory only in that condition when information is read, understood and grasped very attentively. For this, students need to provide their minds with the atmosphere for such attentive learning and memorizing such as a distraction free environment where concentration is not broken anyhow. While memorizing students need to stay away from distractions like TV, loud voices, people chattering, loud music etc. and should have pin drop silence around the study station. School management software suggests that students should also avoid overfilling of study material in the mind in order to become smarter because there is a capacity limit of human mind and after that it starts cramming the mind just like over filling the pot with water which will be wastage only of time and resources and will exhaust the mind also. School management software also suggests that Students should never learn or memorize the learning material in a scattered format instead students should do vice versa while learning the subjects and topics. They need to learn the topics and study material in an organized manner like firstly they should learn the subject English in a sequence as first vocabulary, then short answers, then long answers and then essays. Learning like this, memorizing in an organized manner makes a sequence of learned study material and makes it easy to memorize the lessons for the long term.

Most joyful way to memorize the study material is by using mnemonic devices and methods, here mnemonic means the way or device which gets connected with the study material as a catalyst and whenever students try to remember the topics then due to that mnemonic device or methods it suddenly clicks in the mind and all matter related to it get remembered instantly. For example, if a student is trying to remember a poem and is unable to do it then as mnemonic it should be fit on the tune of his or her favourite song and then whenever he or she will remember the song he or she will remember the poem itself. Also, in order to remember the course material, it is necessary to perform encoding of the study material in the way students can remember for long term for example if the students have to memorize a long answer and it contains 8 headings then after memorizing the answer students can pick first alphabet of each heading and can make an abbreviation and memorize it easily and in exam this abbreviation will work as stimulator and will make remember the whole answer in a jiffy. All the above stated techniques will work as a memory booster if a student follows them being dedicated.