A Beginner’s Guide to Merit Cum Means Scholarship In GIIS Tokyo

Japan is the home for some of the most intelligent students globally. Therefore, there is no doubt that the schools in Japan, including the Global Indian international school in Tokyo, are continually moving to provide a quality education for their learners. For this reason, parents strive to sustain their children in school through various means, including raising the school fees by themselves or applying for loans. 

However, some parents cannot afford the cost of sending their children to international schools, so they end up dropping out of school or transferring to substandard schools. The good news to parents in the Global Indian international school in Tokyo is that it offers the Sadako Ogata Merit cum Means scholarship.

So, what is the Sadako Ogata merit cum means scholarship?

The Sadako Ogata scholarship is a need-based grant that offers financial aid to parents in GIIS Tokyo to help sustain their children in the school. GIIS Tokyo is one of Japan’s best schools, providing a diverse learning environment with experienced and competent teachers and quality education experience. For this reason, it’s a dream school for most parents. 

However, some of them have trouble raising school fees. Considering that, the Global Indian Education Private Limited offers the merit scholarship, a two-year sponsorship to help deserving students from low-income families.

The following guide to the merit cum means scholarship in Tokyo will help you get acclimatised with the programme. 

Let’s begin. 

Step 1: Application

You should visit the GIIS Tokyo merit cum means scholarship website, download the application form and fill in your details. Moreover, please ensure that you attach all the required documents.

Step 2: Submit your application

Once you have provided the relevant information, upload your application.

Step 3: Notification

When you submit your application form, you will receive an official notification within ten working days through an email. 

Step 4: Scholarship assessment

Following the notification email, follow the steps for the scholarship assessment process. 

Step 5: Interview

Depending on the assessment and your profile, an interview with the school will take place. It will help if you ensure that you make an excellent first physical impression in the interview to increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

Step 6: scholarship selection and disbursal

Upon completing the interviewing process, the scholarship committee selects the Sadako Ogata merit cum means scholarship winners. Then, they disburse the funds to the recipients.

Eligibility criteria 

Moreover, it would be best if you took note of the eligibility criteria before submitting your application

  1. Applicable grades

The Sadako Ogata merit cum means scholarship requires that all applicants be preschoolers or kindergarten, grades 1-12, and IBDP year 1-2 students. The applicable curricula can be CBSE, CLSP, IB PYP, IBDP, IGCSE, etc. 

  • Residence: To apply for the merit cum means scholarship, you must be a resident in Japan.
  • Financial requirements: The scholarship requires that all applicants be students from a moderate-income family.
  • Academic requirements: The scholarship requires that applicants have above-average academic performance.
  • Eligibility criteria categories. There are seven categories in the scholarship’s eligibility table. For instance, the first category requires applicants to have a family income below 3, 0000,000 YEN, and they are eligible for a scholarship value of 25% off on tuition fees. Therefore, you should identify the class you are suitable for before applying.

2. Required Documents

You should be keen on the documents the Sadako Ogata merit cum means scholarship requires you to attach. They include;

  • Academic Records. The scholarship requires that you attach academic performance records for the past two years.
  • Financial records. You should attach the household income records and tax statements for the parents. In case one family member is not working, ensure that you connect a tax exemption certificate. Additionally, ensure that you attach a self-declaration form for the gross family income.
  • Appointment letter. This applies if parents recently moved to Japan less than a year ago.

The school can process your application if you fail to attach these essential documents.

Now, let’s take a look at the tips to increase your chances of winning the scholarship;

  1. Have an excellent academic performance record. Ensure that you put in a lot of effort in your academics to stand out among other applicants.
  2. Apply early and do not miss the deadlines.
  3. Attach the prerequisite documents.
  4. Make sure the application is free from any grammatical errors. 

Final say

It is every child’s right to acquire primary education, especially those children who have the talent or aspirations to do well. However, most parents are not financially able to sustain their children in an international school. Therefore, parents and students who meet the eligibility offered by the school, and are confident that they merit the scholarship, should follow this guide. It will make the process to apply for the scholarship easy, and in the long run, students will gain immense benefits.