Modern and Rustic Cafe Ideas

Gone is the time when cafe owners were able to make good profits by simply serving good taste. As time has passed, the food industry has grown a lot. The food business has become highly competitive than ever before. To own a sustainable cafe business, one needs to go way beyond serving good taste only.

If you’re new to the food business let us inform you that you need to completely absorb market strategy and work hard to make your cafe people’s favorite place to hang out. The latest technique most cafes are using to skyrocket is providing an extraordinary ambiance so they can convince their customers to repeat their visit. 

Interior, scent, furniture, lighting, theme, and music create the overall ambiance of a restaurant. When discussing interior ideas with interior fit-out companies in Dubai, you have two choices, either have a modern, sleek look or reverse the time by giving it a Rustic look. To help you have a cafe interior design that doesn’t fail to impress your customers, we have dug out some unique ideas on modern and rustic cafes. 

Rustic Cafe Ideas

Candlelight Dinner In 21st Century

People wish to spend some romantic time with their loved ones in a place where there is romance everywhere. The idea is to design a cafe where people can enjoy a candlelight dinner and not metaphorically. Use lanterns to light the cafe with beautiful candle stands placed on tables. Put elegant furniture with fresh-looking flowers to complete the look. Don’t make the mistake to paint red or dark-colored walls because the essence of the rustic theme is subtle and dull colors like gray, brown, ivory etc. 

Hunting House Theme

You must have wished to own a time machine to go back in time and experience your ancestors’ lifestyle. It’s ok if you cannot build a time machine, you can indeed create a place where one can feel the simplicity and elegance of old times. To duplicate a hunting house, use animal fur, antique crockery, and guns. The theme is best for steak restaurants.

Haunted House Theme

One thing that will always be associated with rural areas is horror stories. The best thing about owning a haunted house cafe is that there are not many cafes that currently own this theme. Use status and puppet. Walls must convey the theme through colors and painting. To make it feel accurate, design unique haunted theme costumes for your waiters and put on some scary music. 

Modern Cafe Ideas

Old School yet Modern 

One thing common in most people is their wish to go back in time to enjoy their school and childhood again. You have no idea how impactful this theme can be. There is no doubt people will love small bicycles along decorated all around the cafe with a black board menu. If you want to create a theme-relevant menu go for the chalkboard. Additionally, you can provide small chalkboards to your customers also to write down their orders or enrich you with their lovely opinions and suggestions for the cafe. Brick wallpaper is ideal for such cafes. 

Style It with Elegance

Want to own an ever-green cafe, use wood in your cafe. Wood is something that needs minimum care while making the place look fresh and refreshing. You can have dark or light color wood or a combination of both. Chairs, tables and counters are the best choices to add a wooden look to your cafe. Additionally, put green plans or small flower pots all around your cafe to add make it look modern. You can put bright color table cloths with daylight reflecting in to create a nature impact wooden impact. 

Metallic Lights

Metal represents industry and industry represents advancement and modernization. Metal somehow can make a place look rich and attractive. No doubt why most restaurant interior design in the UAE has some sort of metallic touch. If you’re thinking about where to use metal look a bit up. Yes, put some modern metallic hanging lights on the order counter and tables.

Pro tip: If you use a fusion of metal and wood nobody will be in a position to beat your cafe’s ambiance. 

Take Away 

It’s not easy to redecorate a cafe again and again because it’s both costly and time taking. At the same time, one cannot risk losing customers against ambiance and cafe interior. You need to be careful when choosing the theme and outlook of your cafe because a smart interior can do wonders. When you’re making the blueprint try to be creative and open to experimenting. If you don’t feel comfortable trying something completely new pick one of our suggested ideas and create your beautiful cafe.