Braces for Teens – Options Nashville Family Dentistry Clinics Offer

We all feel conscious of how our smile looks – most of all, the teenagers. Few people naturally have perfect smiles; luckily, it is achievable for everyone with the proper braces treatment. However, there is a problem! Due to past perceptions of braces, teenagers now feel dreaded to get them. But they should understand now they have more options than what their parents or people before them had. More so, if you have found Nashville family dentistry clinic for your family, it would be even more beneficial for teenagers.

A family dentist has been treating the entire family for years, so it is safe to assume the teenagers will be comfortable with them and feel safe while getting the treatment. So, now that your teenagers are good to get their braces, it is time you help them to explore their options. Here are a few types of braces that you can consider for your young children.

Metal Braces – Most Traditional Option at Nashville Family Dentistry Clinic

When teenagers decide to have braces, the first option that comes to mind is traditional metal braces. These kinds of braces have now progressed, and their structure and weight have reduced. They are made using metal brackets attached to each tooth, which are then connected by an archwire – it will push or pull the teeth slowly to come to the right position.

When you are exploring the childrens dentistry las vegas, you’ll see metal braces as the most popular option. It is because they have the most economical price. Also, they are most suitable for teenagers as they are flexible and can change with your child’s needs. The only shortcoming is that they are very visible. Therefore, if your teen feels conscious of their appearance, it is better to ask your orthodontist in Nashville, TN, to give you other options.

Clear Braces

These are specially designed for people who do not want their braces to be visible, making them an ideal option for teenagers. They are made with clear, transparent ceramic material that is the reason they are less noticeable. 

Aside from the appearance benefit, they are also beneficial because of their good resistance to stains. It will make the teenagers smile without any fear of stained braces and teeth, making them look their best during the treatment.

Though they are a bit expensive than traditional braces, dental clinics like Dillard Dental Services highly recommend them for teenagers.

Damon Smile System – Choice of Best Dentists in Nashville

The Damon braces use a passive sliding mechanism that minimizes the friction and pressures – it helps reduce the need for constant adjustment, like in the case of traditional braces. Due to this, the discomfort and treatment time will also be less than metal braces.

More so, this system has also been clinically approved to enhance facial aesthetics and align teeth without the requirement of palate expanders. 


One of the growing trends in teenagers is to use invisible aligners – this treatment can take from several months up to 2 years. For this, the dentists at the Nashville family dentistry clinic will take a teeth impression to design a plan to correct the bite and align teeth over time. During the treatment, your teen will get a clear and new mouthpiece for teeth every two weeks – each one will take them closer to the finished smile.

The biggest benefit of the Invisalign braces is they are clear and even less visible than traditional or ceramic braces. More so, they can be removed, which makes eating and dental care easier for teens. However, these may not be as effective in fixing severe problems as the other options.

Now that you know what options teens have at the Nashville family dentistry clinic, here are some commonly asked questions that will help them take care of the braces during the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I take care of my braces better?

Here are some tips that can help you properly care for your braces:

  • Get a proper toothpaste, floss, and mouth rinse
  • Brush regularly to remove food particles
  • Choose diet carefully
  1. What can I not eat with braces?

After you get your braces on, make sure you avoid the following foods:

  • Crunchy food
  • Sticky food
  • Hard food
  • Things that require biting into -like apple, carrots, or corns
  1. How do you sleep with braces on?

When you have braces on, it is important to be careful of your sleeping position. It is better to sleep on the back because if you sleep sideways or on your stomach, the chances are that braces will rub against the cheek.