Natural Facial Sprays and properties of face sprays

If you are interested in a gentle and gentle facial treatment, use a spray. Many people mistakenly think that it is only suitable for use in dry summer weather. In fact, a face spray has many functions, so beauticians recommend using by its properties of face sprays all year round depending on your skin condition.

The shelves of cosmetic stores are bursting with an abundance of sprays for any type of epidermis and with a wide variety of functionality. Such products do not suffer from lack of demand. But there are girls who are used to taking care of their face with more scrupulousness and care. They will never use a product that contains many unknown chemical additives. Such women prepare the spray themselves. In our article, we’ll show you how to do this quickly and inexpensively.

The healing properties of face sprays

Before proceeding to the description of the procedure for preparing sprays,  we will consider the properties of face sprays. Home remedies made entirely from natural ingredients are incredibly beneficial for your skin.

  1. The spray will help fading epidermis to become more elastic and smooth. It gives tone to the tissues and makes the surface of the face elastic.
  2. The problematic type of epidermis needs care especially strongly. The cosmetic will help unclog pores and refresh the skin.
  3. The spray will not harm sensitive skin at all: it will give it a healthy look and even color. Water, enriched with various substances, nourishes cells with all the necessary elements.
  4. Normal to combination skin also requires regular maintenance. One of the best remedies for this type of epidermis is a spray.

Immediately after spraying the healing composition, the face becomes fresh and radiant. If you choose the formulation of a cosmetic product taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin, it can replace a whole range of important daily procedures. This natural face spray works well with all types of masks, creams, peels and many other preparations properties of face sprays.

How to use the spray correctly?

Even when using such a popular product as face spray, certain guidelines must be followed. To make your home care enjoyable, follow a simple pattern.

  1. Before applying the composition to the skin, the surface of the face must be cleaned. The water, enriched with minerals and vitamins, will saturate the pores faster and prevent toxins from entering the tissues.
  2. After washing and other cleansing procedures, dry your skin dry. The spray can be applied immediately afterwards.
  3. Start by treating the upper part of the face. Keep the spray gun at a distance of 10-15 cm from the skin properties of face sprays. With smooth circular motions, gradually go to spray the composition on the cheekbones, nose and cheeks. The area around the chin is treated last.
  4. Try to distribute the liquid evenly. Water should not flow from the face. Ideally, the skin remains slightly damp after being sprayed.
  5. For half an hour, do not apply any other products, especially decorative cosmetics. After this time, you can treat your face with a light cream.

If masks are included in your treatment, the facial spray is applied after them. The frequency of its use varies from 2 to 5 times a day and depends on the condition of the skin, the season and the desired purpose. The more the epidermis needs hydration and nutrition, the more often it needs enriched water. In hot summer and winter, with intense heating and low humidity, the face spray is used much more often than during the rainy and foggy period.

Best home spray recipes

Thermal water is usually part of any home spray. If you are unable to purchase it, a regular mineral liquid that is safe to drink and safe for the skin will do. Often, boiled or filtered tap water is used to prepare a spray. However, in this case, you need to monitor the absence of limescale in the kettle and the quality of replaceable blocks in the cleaning apparatus properties of face sprays.

The water is enriched with natural ingredients useful for any skin condition. Despite the promising results, test any face spray you make yourself. This will help protect your appearance from annoyances such as rashes and irritations.

Rejuvenating agent

This spray contains ingredients with antioxidant properties. To prepare the product, mix simple ingredients:

  • green tea – 100 ml;
  • cucumber juice – 50 ml;
  • decoction of rose petals – 20 ml;
  • lavender essential oil – 3 drops.

You will get a fragrant spray that perfectly lifts and tones mature skin. It helps to destroy free radicals in cells, due to which the processes of tissue withering slow down.

Spray for problem skin

This spray is often used as part of complex anti-acne therapy. It can be used to prevent the appearance of acne and age spots, oily sheen and blackheads. To prepare the product, you need the following ingredients:

  • thermal water – 100 ml;
  • vodka – 40 ml;
  • mint essential oil – 20 drops;
  • orange juice – 20 ml.

Mix the ingredients in a glass container and leave to infuse for a day. Then, using a spray bottle, you can apply the liquid to your face twice a day after washing.

Toning mixture

With stress and fatigue, the skin condition worsens. During this period, it is especially important to use special cosmetics. Try making a refreshing facial spray from the ingredients available:

  • freshly brewed black tea – 50 ml;
  • mineral water – 20 ml;
  • aloe vera juice – 50 ml;
  • grapefruit essential oil – 15 drops.

All components must be mixed in a spray bottle. The liquid can be used immediately after preparation.

If you use nourishing and refreshing sprays all the time, your skin will receive the necessary trace elements, it will become smooth, tightened and hydrated. Finally, we invite you to watch an interesting video and explore an original way that will help keep the skin hydrated in the hot summer or while under the tropical sun.

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