New City Paradise payment plan 2022-2023

New city paradise plots size

New City Paradise manages various sizes of private plots like 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots.

New city paradise 5 Marla plot:

  • The total price of 5 Marla plots is Rs. 1850,000
  • The booking price of the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000
  • The confirmation amount for the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000
  • 36 monthly installments are offered at Rs. 19,500
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 5 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 72,000
  • Balloting payment for the 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 200,000
  • The allotment price of 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 200,000

New city paradise 10 Marla plot:

  • The total price for 10 Marla plots is Rs. 3,550,000
  • The booking of 10 Marla plots is Rs. 443,750
  • The confirmation amount for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 443,750
  • 36 monthly installments for 10 Marla plots are Rs. 37,425
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 10 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 153,800
  • Balloting payment for the 10 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 350,000
  • The allotment price for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 350,000

New city paradise 1 Kanal:

  • The total price for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 6,750,000
  • The booking for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 843,750
  • The confirmation amount of 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 843,750
  • 36 monthly installments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 71,150
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 375,275
  • Balloting payment for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 500,000
  • The allotment price for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 500,000

New City Paradise Future Developments And Innovations

The advancement of the New City Paradise is very amazing as half of the land is as of now fabricated and the remainder of the land is going through the course of a fast turn of events and will be done soon. New advancements that are under speedy development and are expected to be grown before long are as per the following.

Expected Developments In New City Paradise:

  • Mosques
  • Smart Villas
  • Linear Park
  • Link Roads
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Homes
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Main Boulevard
  • Operational Tube Wells
  • Site Office and Marketing Office

Clothing brands and food chains

In addition to this however all the notable attire brands and established pecking orders, for example, sapphire and McDonald’s that are as of now existing in the new city wah and the new city arcade will likewise be essential for the New City Paradise.

New city paradise’s latest news about a payment plan

New City Paradise has uncovered another installment plan to support financial backers which will offer various profits from the venture with better benefits.

New City Paradise Allotment Certificate:

New City Paradise apportioning authentications are being circulated now and again however the administration, however, we propose you keep in contact all things considered.

Possession Allotment Of New City Paradise

Ownership approaches about New City Paradise allocation are being declared to important clients with complete data

New City Paradise Transfer Procedure

You are encouraged to visit the new city heaven official site for any inquiry connected with the exchange system of new city heaven however the expected exchange methodology of New City Paradise is as per the following. You may also invest in Nova City.

Anticipated Transfer Procedure Of New City Paradise:

• A transfer request is to be submitted with a No Demand Certificate (NDC)

• Original membership letter

• CNIC copies

• Next of kin

• Passport-size photographs

• Membership/Associate form of the purchaser

• Affidavit of the purchaser & seller

• Undertaking by the purchaser

• General Power of Attorney (GPA)

New City Paradise Balloting:

New City Paradise balloting will be acted in various stages, in the event of any trouble or question you can straightforwardly contact new city heaven at their contact number or you can call BBS Marketing whenever.

New City Paradise Balloting Results

New City Paradise balloting results can be effectively accomplished through the authority site of new city heaven or you can straightforwardly contact BBS Marketing.

New City Paradise Application Form:

New City Paradise can without much of a stretch be downloaded from the authority site and can likewise be submitted on the site yet ensure you ask the administration first to abstain from any sort of misconception.

Expected Documents With The Application Form

expected documents which need to be attached to the application form are as follows:

• Passport-size photographs

• Copy of CNIC or passport

• Copy of NICOP

• Copy of payment receipt

• Screenshot of online payment slip

New City Paradise Membership Form:

You can undoubtedly ask about the legitimacy of the participation structure by reaching New City Paradise authorities or by reaching BBS Marketing.

New City Paradise Registration Form:

You can download the enrollment structure by reaching New City Paradise’s true contact or by reaching BBS Marketing.

New City Paradise Development Charges:

Continuously attempt to ask about the improvement charges from the client care focus of new city heaven. However, it is likewise important to specify that designers have chosen to make reference to improvement charges in the installment plan of the New City Paradise.

New City Paradise Facilities And Amenities:

New City Paradise offers you, healthy a-list conveniences inside your monetary arrangement.

The offices in the New City Paradise are as per the following:

Smart housing:

New City Paradise is working constantly to offer you the best expectations for everyday comforts that measure up to your assumptions with fair rates. To satisfy such guidelines new city heaven has presented the impression of a brilliant lodging society. A brilliant lodging society comprises shrewd houses and savvy estates with savvy innovations.

Smart economy:

The destined-to-be-functional new city heaven will act as a financial and public focus. The business center of society will extend to a scope of open positions that will be useful for our inhabitants.

Smart environment:

New City Paradise’s savvy climate is what compels it to stand apart from different social orders. It isn’t simply shrewd yet additionally eco-accommodating. A specific piece of the land is held for green grand excellence in the public eye. Aqua-farming ranches are additionally put in the public eye that is subject to water assets.

Eco friendly:

This venture won’t just furnish you with extravagance and elite conveniences yet, in addition, an eco-accommodating climate that will give you a remarkable and serene climate that is elusive anyplace in Pakistan

Water resource:

As society has assumed responsibility to satisfy all fundamental necessities of occupants, for this reason new city heaven has created water repositories to store a huge amount of water for inhabitants’ everyday errands.

Business and commercial hubs:

The developers have ensured your economic and commercial needs, for this purpose, the project will provide you commercial area which will fulfill all your commercial needs within society.

Secure project:

The security of our residents is the main concern for management. To make our residents secure 24/7 CCTV cameras are installed, not just this but also this housing society will be surrounded by walls to ensure high security.


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