New emojis for Android users include “heart on fire,” “exhaling face,” and more

Face in Clouds, Heart on Fire, ‘Mending Heart, Exhaling Face, and Face with Spiral Eyes are some of the new emojis that Android users will be able to use in 2020. The feature is now in beta, but it will soon be available to everyone who has Android on their phones. WhatsApp is testing new emojis in its beta version, and soon people will be able to say more with emojis than ever before.

In the beta version for Android, WhatsApp is adding a lot of new emojis from the most recent Unicode set. The California-based instant messaging service used the Google Play Beta Program to send in an update. According to the most recent report from WABetaInfo, the new emojis for the platform was made by the Facebook-owned company. They used their own layout. Beta users can get the update, but not everyone can get it. New emojis won’t show up for people who aren’t on the beta version.

Everyone who has an Android phone or tablet will be able to use the smiley faces in the next few weeks. The new emojis also try to be more gender-balanced, with a bearded woman, a man, and people with long and short hair in different skin tones on them.

Let’s show you how the heart on fire emoji works, so you can understand it better.

When you put a red heart and fire emoji together, you get a heart that’s on fire! The heart with fire emoji is usually used to show intense love, lust, and desire. In 2020, Jennifer Daniel and the Emoji Subcommittee submitted the emoji heart on fire “. It was approved and put in the Smileys & Emotion category in 2020 under emoji v13.1 and will be used on phones and tablets.

What does the emoji with a heart on fire look like when it is used?

There are many different ways to use the emoji heart On Fire to communicate in text messages. Here are a few:

  • To show love and desire. ‍?
  • You look so hot !! ‍?
  • Pain ‍?
  • When I saw Max and her girlfriend, it made me feel sick. ‍?
  • To show how much love there is. ‍?
  • In this world, I love you more than anything. ‍?
  • My love is always with you. ‍?

Other names for “Heart on Fire” Emoji

There are other names for the emoji that look like the Heart On Fire emoji, like Burn, Heart, Heart On Fire, Love, Lust, Sacred Heart, burning desire, and more.

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