Nirvana Columbarium Singapore: Peaceful Resting Place with Modern Amenities

The Nirvana Columbarium Singapore offers an integrated technological solution for families who want to remain connected to their dearly departed from anywhere. It holds dearly a sense of love and connection to our ancestors and their memory. More than an architectural aesthetic developed through the use of open and transparent spaces, contemporary materials, and refined detailing, cultural references inject a deeper understanding into the design of both the form and the space. Nested within the complex, these spatial elements create patterns of experience by reconnecting the remains of the departed with family members, representing continuous circulation that symbolically reinforces the linkages within and provides tranquility.

Set in a modern and serene landscape, the Nirvana Columbarium in Singapore is a peaceful place to remember loved ones. Seated in between older estates and developments coming up in the area, it caters to urban, cosmopolitan communities. It offers environmentally-friendly ways to manage ashes and various suitable locations for families to visit. The Nirvana Columbarium is a modern multi-tiered complex, fully equipped with the latest technology to manage facilities and guest activities. It features the first 3D 360-degree hologram memorial in Southeast Asia, an automated tea pavilion for guests to pay their respects, a memorial mark building, and an app that gives virtual access to all services and facilities.

Overview of Nirvana Columbarium Singapore

Nirvana Columbarium is a stand-alone building with modern and elegant-looking structures. There are high ceilings and wide walkways. No head full of buildings, no cramped space. The tranquility and peaceful environment will prevail here. If you walk along the meandering path at the top level, you can have a panoramic view of Bukit Timah Hill, KTM Kranji Railway Station, and Mandai Gate and Mandai Columbarium. A total of 120 full mass halls are now available on six floors (160 in the future), all complete with modern amenities such as air-conditioned space, Wi-Fi, maintenance, family air-conditioned rooms, elegantly furnished friendly service team, 30 multipurpose and carefully planned burial halls. Make up the area for relaxation and conversations. A high-efficiency disposal system ensures cleanliness. Central kitchen and pantry store and handle housekeeping activities such as preparation, storage, and distribution for Buddhist ceremonies and the last high ceremony, as well as visitors’ food and drinks. Mist spray air fresheners and professional cleaning and waste management are available to maintain a clean and fragrant environment throughout the building premises. At Nirvana, families will periodically clean and pay homage to the peace of mind protected by the Blessed Trinity.

Nirvana Columbarium Singapore opened in September 2020. It is a peaceful, elegantly designed, and spacious resting place for our loved ones. The environment is clean and quiet, surrounded by nature. You can have complete peace of mind because state-of-the-art technology and a stringent management system will take care of your loved one’s remains for generations to come. Prematurely constructed structures are fully functional and available, with occupancy only at high-rise levels. The location is expensive and accessible between Ibrahim Road and Lim Chu Kang Road, near Choa Chu Kang, Kranji, and Bukit Timah. With ample parking spaces and caregivers’ waiting facilities, the location is good and convenient. Since the launch last year, it has become the resting place for many. Many funeral masses are held every day, with final mass ceremonies reaching full capacity every weekend.

Importance of Choosing a Peaceful Resting Place

Nirvana Columbarium was carefully designed to provide a peaceful resting place. Based on Buddhist concepts, the place helps our loved ones to accumulate merits and good deeds in order to obtain happiness either in their future rebirth or Nirvana or return to the pure land of the Buddha. Hence, the peace and tranquility at this place is to facilitate and create a conducive environment for the recipients. The Nirvana columbarium offers a modern serene atmosphere to complete the spiritual needs of loved ones. A perfect place to keep your loved ones need to be able to provide a peaceful resting place so you can visit them anytime you need to. While it is important to give them the best while they are still living within us, it is equally important to give them a good and peaceful resting place when they are gone from us.

When we go on to the next world, we do not know. Therefore, we need to do our best while we are here so that we don’t fall into the bottomless pit of hopelessness. The reason why we are content with our living condition and help others is so that we will live a better next life. The traditions of Buddhism, like refraining from negative actions, engaging in good deeds, and aspiring to achieve any goals that help others, are actually instructions given by all the Buddhas. Some people think that they are in a private jail and so they will do whatever it takes to escape from the hold of bondage chains. But if they are imprisoned due to their beliefs and vows, they will not want to break free from them. As a result, some may intellectually understand that there are good things about the Buddhist religion, but they do not accept its teachings.

Modern Amenities at Nirvana Columbarium Singapore

2) It is recommended to get a nearby Sky Suite. The Nirvana Columbarium has ever proposed a contemporary concept and stylish buildings, and the facilities within the apartments are leading in the funerary industry in Singapore. The air-conditioning, the household-like reception, the change of the room, the ornament of the room or the presentation of the exhibition hall, etc. All these are Nirvana manifesto: heart floating, respected and unforgettable. Parks, fountains, sorting stations, east and west halls, and massive glass windows in the communal areas, public transport services are come and go, and parks are raised in parks everywhere. The blessed place in the piece says, “I want to record an outing. A sample of the wealthy world. In the spirit of the world, and valued in the short term, he also possesses the top qualities for peace.” A Jin’an symbol can be firmly placed in the audience’s heart.

1) The Nirvana Asia Group is recognized as one of the finest operators of concept and contemporary columbariums both in Singapore and the region. The columbarium is located in a 20-acre region of Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and has enough storage space for the remains of about one million people. As an iconic issue by the trendy and chic concept, the land of the columbarium has been surrounded by the lushness of the Choa Chu Kang Chinese cemetery. Standing on the local cable car, the Nirvana Columbarium Singapore is designed to look like an embark of God, while the architectural achievement of design seeks to harmonize with realistic cost.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Provide total peace of mind and comfort by selecting private bereavement suites offering total privacy, suitable for both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. The columbarium design concept is based on the cultured “DOUBLE-M” Columbarium setup. Diverse Cultural Art Gallery and VIP Room. The mural artworks tell the stories of different deities, Bodhisattva, and Buddha statues. A wide variety of memorialisation halls with a spacious VIP hall. Secure access – safe and sound with 24-hour surveillance and air conditioning. The state-of-the-art facilities include a wireless public address system, LED with multimedia and wireless broadcasting function. More than 36,000 niches and 24 bereavement suites. Other services include – Columbarium install multi-storey car park and Premium Filial Tablet for Aesthetic Memorialisation.

Conceptualised in 2014, Nirvana Columbarium Singapore was completed in October 2020. It is the perfect resting place for your loved ones with modern amenities, soothing ambience, and professional support. Spanning over 40,000 sq ft, the columbarium architecture was done by an internationally renowned architectural firm. The luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities house two levels of impressive 24 private bereavement suites and Naropa hall where abode a 9-ft tall lavishly crafted 18-foot Gwan Yin Bodhisattva, guarded by the Sarira Buddha Stupa Column. Privately situated in a serene environment amidst the fast-paced city of Singapore.

Tranquil Environment for Reflection

In contrast, Mount Vernon Columbarium Singapore is located in a busier neighborhood. It is quite near to the PIE, our local highway, and you can hear traffic noise quite easily. Mount Vernon Columbarium is located along the side of the quieter road, and this buffer of quieter surroundings, though already sufficiently mentioned to cause some measure of health benefits. The peace and tranquility experienced here, in the midst of nature at Nirvana Columbarium Singapore, is complete with slightly more effective and refined. The verdant and charming surroundings offer a beneficial environment, as well as strong motivational inspiration. When your mind is calm, it brings ease of heart that overflows into love, compassion, and forgiveness. This delicate mental state focuses on the wisdom of spirituality and clearly demonstrates external appearances as nonexistent.

Located next to the wall of trees, Nirvana Columbarium is favored by many for its tranquil environment and beautiful scenery. You can take a walk along the path flanking the columbarium and admire the natural beauty of the plants and enjoy fresh air. This simple act of walking relaxes your entire being, including soothing your nerves, allowing you to feel more peaceful. The totally peaceful surroundings and tranquil environment are conducive to reflection. It’s not hard to see why some believe Nirvana Columbarium’s proximity to nature aids the deceased in finding peace. Even the most concrete and steel-loving city dweller will have the opportunity to understand the charm and beauty of nature here. The pristine atmosphere and natural environment, without a doubt, will bring solace to the bereaved and provide the much-needed rejuvenation for visiting too.

Convenient Services for Visitors

There are stalls that sell incense burners, joss sticks, as well as the likes of funeral-related goods. Instead of heading outside, one finds all the necessary amenities here. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy various food and beverages within the premises. The columbarium also has basic medical facilities such as a clinic with a nurse who will tend to visitors if it is needed. In sum, the columbarium is certainly more than just a place to bid farewell.

One thing about Nirvana Columbarium Singapore is that the columbarium is not only designed to provide final rites and services for the deceased but also to help the living. The columbarium caters to those who want to hold a memorial service for their loved ones. From the water dispenser to reading glasses, prayer rooms, wheelchair services, hair salon, dancing, and activity hall, everything is needed to cater to various needs.

Benefits of Choosing Nirvana Columbarium Singapore


The Nirvana Columbarium Singapore is a beautiful exception because they prove that a passage between two worlds does not require possessing a significant income. There are numerous options depending and the only actual variable is the number of loved ones left behind to grieve for the person departed. This will be the main factor influencing the choice of remembering possibilities and the cost to be paid. Just imagine if your dear ones even want to forget about you because they are too busy just trying to make ends meet. With Nirvana Singapore, you do not have to worry at all. This company lets all your surrounding remember you in the most fitting way that will apply the least pressure on their resources.

Secondly, the ideology associated with establishing the new Columbarium in Singapore has its grounds at the perception of the cemeteries and crematoria by the City of the Sleep as an institutionalized business enterprise. Many religious facilities in Singapore have already proven this point by requesting more and more money for their burial facilities. They simply lack space, so the citizens are suffering from ever-increasing price requests. It reminds capitalism in its worst expression, isn’t it?

First and foremost, a highly convenient location is a critical reason why a lot of people choose to get their niche in the Nirvana Columbarium. It is located in central Singapore, so there is no need to make a long journey along the island just to come and take care of your family member.

Peaceful and Serene Atmosphere

The Nirvana Columbarium is an auditorium where ancestors are enshrined, and branches can be passed on for generations. With a capacity of 32,000, it is the largest Columbarium in Singapore, and yet it’s more than just a resting place for the departed. Nirvana offers a wide range of funeral-related services and arrangements to create an environment of peace and tranquility. In keeping with this belief, the entire site of the Mandai Columbarium is shrouded in a peaceful, calming atmosphere. From the moment you walk through its iron gates, one is greeted with the tranquility of nature. Walking the pebbled stone path, funeral organizers are greeted by a relaxing view of lush greenery. The 4-storey building of the Mandai Columbarium is designed simply and yet elegantly, with water features around the walkways, providing a peaceful and serene ambiance. Each niche cubicle has an urn compartment, remembrance shelf, as well as ample space for offerings and floral arrangements.

Nirvana is a leading provider in the Singapore death care industry. Both its Yishun Columbarium and Mandai Columbarium are well known for their state-of-the-art facilities, tranquil and harmonious environment, as well as their Daoist, Buddhist, and Taoist sections. With its comfortingly serene atmosphere, the Mandai property is the ideal place to ensure that your departed loved ones are at peace and forever taken care of. Nirvana offers a wide range of burial and funeral services to cater to a variety of needs. From burial preparation, live streaming for family members to attend the funeral service/prayer ceremony, and to touch up of deceased, they have all the death care services required by all religions and beliefs. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family will have one less thing to worry about.

Accessibility and Convenience

Nestled in the lush Valley, the Nirvana Columbarium Singapore offers a resting place with an envious location. The front part enjoys a beautiful undulating river and lush greenery. The Nirvana Columbarium offers a resting place that is free from the hustle and bustle of city life. The peace and beauty of nature, along with the lush scenery, are sought after by many. The site of the former Nirvana Columbarium at 22 Chuan Hoe Avenue is significant for fengshui, as it was a part of the former Bidadari Cemetery. The existing land profile, particularly the undulating river and lush greenery in the front part of the proposed Columbarium, are positive factors for the site.

The Nirvana Columbarium at 22, Chuan Hoe Avenue, Singapore, is located near the Bishan residential area and is accessible from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 in 20 minutes. The space is well-laid-out and the design features of both sections of the columbarium blend in well with the serene environment. The Nirvana Columbarium Singapore offers a splendor of modern amenities and it is a place easily loved by all. Water features are always welcome and there is an awesome pool at the entrance to the columbarium. This pool, aside from being visually pleasing, also represents a natural mountain spring. The water of which is considered to be most pure and refreshing, and which one can use to energize and cleanse oneself.

Personalized Memorialization Options

There is an increasing number of seekers of niche columbarium in Singapore. These are columbariums where the final resting place is located indoors within modern and comfortable amenities. The roughly 200,000 niches spread over nine storeys are situated in a 14-storey building. It is great for those who don’t want their loved ones’ ashes exposed to the weather nor left out in the open. Family members can go to the designated level to pay their respect to their loved ones easily. There are spaces for friends and family to sit around and cherish a nice conversation. KylinJade has a little garden on the roof terraces to ensure energy efficiency and create a peaceful sanctuary. Given its location near the Bukit Gombak MRT station, the additional retail and social amenities within the neighborhood are easily accessible for the future users of the facility.

There are two main issues with traditional cemeteries. Firstly, the space required to accommodate all the deceased bodies, and secondly, the large headstones which are not only expensive for the bereaved family, but are also time-consuming to clean and maintain. All these issues are non-existent in a columbarium as it is a multi-storey building that is space-efficient, yet still accommodating to the numerous urns. Sometimes, instead of having an urn buried in a traditional cemetery, families choose to place it in a wall, then are required to insert a headstone or a slab with a plaque for their loved one. Columbariums are similar in a sense that the loved one’s ashes are placed in the recess on a wall, but the options are more modern and personalized, such as a floating plaque or a digital memorial.

Professional and Compassionate Staff

In order to catch the bereavement care train, it is preferred by Nirvana beyond planning ahead of the columbarium services. Therefore, through advanced talks about pre-arrangement, it allows family members a clear and open discussion to respect the wish of both the deceased and family members of love.

NMS’s immediate 24-hour advisory services create a safe haven, a calm synergy between families of the deceased and relatives, the residents and the deceased, casket and ceremonial treats. Families of the deceased will not feel left out in the cold, anxious, or overwhelmed. Hence, making the necessary pre-arrangements or transfer of deceased complete without hitches and family members posting unnecessary details.

The distinction and core of Nirvana Memorial services open up communication between NMS’s trained, compassionate, caring, professional staff and confused and deflated patients when grief occurs. Conveniently located at HDB estates for better accessibility to stretch out their helping hands to families in the midst of their bereavement period and educating the residents about afterlife matters, advanced planning, and end-of-life services.

In a respectful and gentle manner, NMS will provide holistic distressed support from admission, funeral arrangements, until the deceased’s final resting. In line with upholding the value that their clients’ comfort and trust are of the utmost importance, NMS is unique and the first of its kind bereavement care unit that offers a personal touch to every grieving family member and friend at the Columbarium.

During the bereavement period, it is understandable that families of the deceased might be distressed, helpless, and not in a clear mental state to think straight. At Nirvana, grieving is one less thing to worry about during trying times. This is where Nirvana Memorial Services (NMS) comes into the picture. NMS is a team of professional, experienced, caring, and dedicated staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to render their services to both the deceased and family members.

The staff at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore are well-trained, professional, and compassionate. Grieving is a lengthy process, and the staff will go out of their way to help family members in every way that they can. Most people may know and understand the passing of their loved ones, but when it comes to handling the situation, it is always difficult with respect to paperwork, dealing with authorities, business partners, friends, relatives, and even attending intimate matters.