Choosing jewellery for your workplace is a tough task. You may want to add some personality and glamour to your professional look and ensure that you do not go overboard as well. A simple jewellery rule says that professional office jewellery should be comfortable, minimal, low-maintenance and hassle-free. However, this totally depends on the work environment that you are in. Here are some guidelines to help you pair the jewellery flawlessly with the office outfit of your choice. 

Consider the location

Everyday office

Keep your jewellery elegant and lightweight. Pick only one particular accessory amongst earrings or neckpieces. Engagement rings absolutely work appropriately. You must carry a comfy jewellery piece.


Except if you are actually going for an interview for a fashion workplace, you need to keep things as subtle as possible to help create an excellent impression. Choose minimal daily wear jewellery. The entire focus ought to be on you and not on what you are actually wearing. You shouldn’t wear big hoops/earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It is advisable to sport no jewellery at all when you go for interviews instead of wearing cheap or flashy jewellery. Try valuable looking small studs and a simple chain. 

Business meetings

The objective of jewellery in meetings is to aid you to be notable as a person and add individuality to your appearance. Small studs or a simple pendant can work well in both casual and formal meetings. You can also choose a subtle and classy gold bracelet for girls to add elegance as you might be utilizing lots of hand gestures.

Office dinner or formal party

For corporate dinners or formal functions, you can wear jewellery that helps you look stylish and professional. Select the jewellery that suits your dress and boosts your look thereby making you feel positive and confident. Have a go at crystal jewellery if you wish to add some sparkle to the simple dress or choose a rose-gold bracelet if you are going to wear a stylish dress to the official dinner or office party.

Office informal party

Casual or informal office parties are trending and they are designed to create a friendly space outside of the place of work and ease off stress. You can try experimenting with your jewellery at such parties. You can opt for an elegant necklace or a set of statement earrings that boosts your outfit and adds some glamour to your appearance. 

Consider the environment

Examine the work environment. Is it a traditional office or a creative office? What type of dress do your colleagues often wear? In a traditional office environment, you can opt for sober and minimalist jewellery pieces that do not look fancy or make noise. If you happen to work in a creative office space, you can try out new looks with the help of statement jewellery and accessories that are not too showy.

Less is more

Your office space is more of a formal setup. You will be wearing smart casuals or formals to the office and so you need to try and keep your jewellery minimal and ensure that it adds to your individuality yet still helps you look subtle. Never stack up jewellery accessories in various colours. Go with stud earrings or simple work wear rings or rose-gold chains. Make sure you look and feel comfortable since you will be spending more time at the office. 

Statement jewellery

Rather than piling yourself with several flashy jewellery elements, you can restrict it to one particular statement jewellery piece that you like. It can either be a large bold necklace or crystal or gold-plated earrings. You can give gemstone jewellery pieces a try as well. 

Add individuality with elegance

Jewels add individuality to your appearance. Showcase your professionalism and inner self with some fashion. You can opt for pearls as they help add elegance and smartness to your appearance. You can also try silver or white-gold chains with pendants for a daily look.