OnlyFans: this gaming influencer has earned 2 million dollars in 1 month

Are you depressed because you weren’t taken on Parcoursup’? Your current job depresses you and you dream of slamming everything but you can’t do anything because you have a cat to feed? Get started on OnlyFans. Streamer and gaming influencer Corinna Kopf recently signed up on the platform and she’s now… a millionaire. Luck.

875,300 subscribers on Twitch, 6.6 million subscribers on Instagram, 4.5 million subscribers on TikTok, it’s an understatement to say that Corinna Kopf is a particularly followed influencer and gaming player. And if we trust a recent video by Vlogger David Dobrik, the young 25-year-old videographer is so adored by her audience that she is now a millionaire thanks to him.

Corinna Kopf millionaire thanks to OnlyFans

Indeed, like many other celebrities , Corinna Kopf has a private OnlyFans account. On the program for this one? For $19 per month (or $180 per year), the gamer notably offers her subscribers exclusive content and photos/videos in semi-nude mode based on LEWD (lascivious behavior). Nothing very original on the platform, but enough to make the happiness of its banker today.

Through his TikTok account, David Dobrik indeed shared his friend’s balance sheet on OnlyFans between June 2021 and February 2022. Result? Corinna Kopf simply earned almost $10,823,901 during this period . The most crazy ? Within just one month (June 2021), she had already created the feat of earning $2.4 million .

Enough to make the Vlogger hallucinate, ” It makes me want to vomit, it’s absolutely crazy. It’s monthly! MONTHLY! ” and make us consider a career change… And too bad if there are more restaurant tickets with !

And for those wondering how she chose to spend her money, just take a look at her Instagram account to understand that she opted to “have a dream life”. Between buying a ranch with horses and traveling around the world, it’s hard not to be jealous.

Kim Kardashian can make $1 million…for just one Instagram post

With a single post on Instagram, Kim Kardashian can not only explode the counters of likes, but not only. Indeed, the wife of Kanye West could make up to 1 million dollars for a simple post on the social network. An astronomical sum, even for an influencer.

Kim Kardashian Instagram post

Kim K, queen of product placements

If reality TV candidates and influencers post product placements fairly regularly, Kim Kardashian does not need to post them often. With just one a year, the mother of North, Saint and Chicago can afford luxury trips, shopping and even buy a villa. Indeed, TMZ obtained legal documents from the businesswoman and thus revealed that she would make up to 1 million dollars for a single Instagram post . That’s what is called a good salary for a simple photo published with a caption!

Thanks to her 136 million subscribers on Insta, Kim Kardashian therefore attracts many brands, but only those who can pay a maximum are lucky enough to be able to work with her. Initially, the tabloid wrote that Kanye West ‘s wife would “only” earn between $300,000 and $500,000 per post on the social network. But the site updated its article saying that it would be $1 million that the star could ask for.

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She wants $5 million at trial

A salary that seems crazy but realistic since the one who will have a fourth child had herself admitted having refused 1 million dollars to promote a brand that would have copied a piece of her husband. The latter, to thank her for having said no to this well-paid advertisement, had then made a transfer of the same amount of money to his wife.

TMZ conducted its investigation as part of a lawsuit between Kim Kardashian and a ready-to-wear brand. The contouring pro has accused Missguided USA of using her image for commercial gain. She is also claiming 5 million dollars from the label, which would not have reacted to her previous legal proceedings.