OPM Saitama and DBZ Goku, who is the Real King ?

Recently, it is often asked whether “Dragon Ball” Goku and “One Punch Man” Saitama are strong. They sometimes argue endlessly, red-faced, and it’s interesting to think about it. Because many people like to compare their favorite anime protagonists with other anime protagonists. After all, everyone wants to prove the strength of their heroes. They may not need logic to be loyal, so it is difficult to make a conclusion. The result is different. Then I will talk about this topic with some factors in the animation.

Monkey King and Saitama

There is no doubt that Monkey King and Saitama are classic representatives of powerful protagonists. In terms of two-dimensional combat efficiency, the strongest internet celebrity player is definitely Monkey King. Later, he can easily destroy planets with just one finger. Loyal The number of fans is quite extraordinary. After all, it’s a classic that first appeared in the 1980s. As the post-80s generation, they are loyal fans of Dragon Ball as well. But when “One Punch Man” came out, Saitama’s abilities also attracted a lot of fans, strong invincible players in the universe, and any cunning opponent, Saitama can finish him off in one One punch.

So the question is whether Goku is strong or Saitama? Even though two people are in the same dimension, they are not in the same world, if you want to compare you have to put them in the same world. Let me talk about Saitama in the “Dragon Ball” world. From the very beginning, the Monkey King practiced and grew constantly. Now the Monkey King can sweep the universe, even Super Saiyan at the start. It is also possible to casually destroy planets. Saitama was just an ordinary Earth citizen there, and he needed oxygen to survive. No matter how fast Saitama’s master hit or jump, in the face of cosmic-level fighting power, he could truly look like in Krilin.

So if we put Goku in “One Punch Man”, will it be a magical situation? Saitama’s setting is the existence of invincibility, the invincibility of the entire universe. For Mr. Saitama, there is only seriousness and not seriousness. When he is serious, he is afraid. There was no upper limit to his combat strength. So no matter how far Monkey Goku evolves, he becomes Super Saiyan Form, in front of an invincible set, is still a knock out.

Dragon Ball Warrior

Therefore, the strength of the Dragon Ball Warrior can only be based on the description of the data in the main text of the comic. Then analyze the difference between the Dragon Ball Warrior and the enemy when they are fighting to get the real combat power.

 The combat effectiveness of Frieza and Wukong before and after Wukong became Super Saiyan 1 actually directly affected the development of the whole work, but the test combat effectiveness machine in the article exploded due to the fact that the combat effectiveness of both sides was too strong, and the following battle group Guards of the Dragon Ball Warriors do not need these numbers to determine the strength of their opponents, so there is a serious disagreement between the official comics and folk Dragon Ball fans on the specific values ​​of the combat power of each character in Dragon Ball, which is often far less than the value of the latter. former. Its combat effectiveness will be analyzed in detail later.

If you have to talk about high and low, you can also chat. Although Saitama is invincible in “One Punch Man”, Monkey King still has many magic weapons to win. For example, Saitama beat Monkey King to a trace of blood, and Goku ate a fairy bean. , Wow, instantly full of blood and fighting power doubled; what? died? Well, all kinds of dragons are resurrected back in time, and Hades will not accept them! Saitama is exhausted too. But as long as Saitama’s invincibility setting is removed, then Goku is undoubtedly the strongest.

Overall, I really like both animated works. Both magical works give us unlimited joy, so don’t lose the support of your brain to your liking. You don’t have to fight for a high and low, and hold onto your imagination. Keep it in your heart and keep your passion for animation in your heart.