10 Major Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better for You [6th Reason is Crucial]

Many state departments for agriculture including the one in the USA legally need organic food to be free from chemicals and pesticides. What this reflects an average consumer shopping at local supermarkets? It suggests you now need an option to buy the food, which is guaranteed to be natural, healthy, and nutritious.

To fully grasp the big picture, the following are the reasons why organic food is better:

1. Lowering risk of getting cancer

As per the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the following contributes to the nurturing of cancer:

  • 30% insecticides
  • 90% of fungicides, and
  • 60% of herbicides

Avoiding the above-mentioned carcinogenic chemicals can aid you in staying healthy, and save you from life-threatening (potentially) diseases.

2. Save natural resources

The usage of chemicals is harmful to humans while it also poses an immensely negative impact on water and air quality (AQI). Chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides are contaminants, which are frequently found in groundwater, including water supplies consumed by millions of humans. By consuming organic foods you can keep water safe and clean for human consumption.

3. Support domestic farmers

Local farmers remain dedicated to offering people chemical-free and high-quality products. Every large food supplier such as a sunflower oil supplier can produce more food and related products at a low cost.


Because they have the shortcuts like pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

As a result, domestic farmers producing organic food face a tough time to stay relevant in business. Because they become unable to compete with large-scale suppliers. Acquiring organic food support small-scale farmers who reject to prefer quality over quantity.

4. Protect the environment

Large plants for agricultural manufacturing, having higher energy consumption compared to local farmers, only use organic methods to produce their agricultural products. By having organic food, you can support small farmers and simultaneously save energy and protect the environment.

5. Support biodiversity and wildlife

Pesticides are a major threat to animals. Creatures can turn sick if they contract different kinds of synthetic chemicals applied in agriculture.

Another practice in agriculture that damages biodiversity is planting a similar type of crop on a similar piece of land over and over again. By doing this, land’s soil becomes depleted and farmers need to rely increasingly on pesticides and fertilizers to produce the desired amount of food.

You can break this vicious cycle by consuming organic food, which is grown through conventional farming methods.

6. Protect future generation

Kids are specifically vulnerable to the damaging impacts of chemicals, which are frequently used in agricultural production.

Different researches conclude that children consume 4x as many carcinogenic chemicals as adults. The reason is they tend to eat foods containing artificial ingredients. Children must be turned towards healthy diets composed of organic foods containing every essential nutrient a human body needs to grow as healthy and strong.

7. Back innovative research

Organic farmers always work at the forefront of curating environmentally friendly techniques of producing chemical-free yet delicious food. Opting for organic food can be the best way of helping them support the research that would revolutionize the overall food & beverages industry.

8. Organic farmers work in much better conditions

Employees working in large-scale food manufacturing plants get continuous exposure to pesticides commonly used in food production. These workers can develop life-threatening diseases as a result.

As per a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, there was a 70% increase in Parkinson’s disease cases among workers who work with pesticides. By opting for organic food, you contribute to ending the unfair treatment of workers who regularly expose themselves to harmful chemicals, which can potentially shorten their lives.

9. Organic food does not contain neurotoxins

Neurotoxins are the perfect recipe to damage nerve and brain cells. Almost every food supplier including chickpeas supplier uses pesticides, also known as organophosphates, to nip pests in the bud that attack vegetables and fruits.

The issue here with using Neurotoxins is that organophosphates, which are harmful to humans. They are applied as a toxic nerve agent formulated to dismantle the enemy during the 1st World War. By consuming organic foods, we can avoid dangerous neurotoxins – harmful to your body.

10. Organic food tastes better

Not only do they taste better, but the organic product is also more nutritious. Organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients than processed food that is treated with chemicals.

Last Word

After reading through all the above facts, there must be zero doubts regarding why organic food is better. We hope we have persuaded you enough in making the right choice. Also, you need to ensure that the foods you buy are certified organic having the state seal on them. It is better both for you and your environment.