Our 10 good reasons for hiring a specialist handyman sum it up:

1- “One contact person for your entire project.”

From the initial consultation to handover and acceptance, construction work takes some time. How beneficial is a permanent personal and competent contact person who answers all questions and always provides suitable solutions. This is exactly what your specialist handyman services can offer. He is also your contact for after-sales service.

This saves you nerves, time and money.

2- “Professional know-how through full manual training and regular further training.”

Bathroom, heating and air conditioning are technically some of the most innovative areas of our economy. In addition, it is regulated by an almost unmanageable number of standards and regulations. No wonder, after all, clean water, energy-saving heat and healthy air are the basis of our lives. As a master craftsman or engineer, your specialist handyman has the necessary knowledge and keeps itself up to date with the latest technical developments.

This ensures that you receive a technically perfect service based on the current state of the art in compliance with all legal regulations

3- “Personal contact and joint on-site check.”

A joint inspection of the site and individual coordination are essential for a successful construction project. Therefore, for the specialist handyman, the personal on-site appointment is an integral part of a trusting cooperation. He clarifies all the necessary information and does not leave technically inexperienced customers alone.

This ensures that you know who you are dealing with, that you are both talking about the same thing and that there are no unnecessary surprises during the construction project.

4- “Individual advice and planning of your project as well as funding tips.”

When it comes to bathrooms, heating and ventilation, every building project is unique. Professional individual advice, in which your needs are determined comprehensively, is the basis for tailor-made planning and subsequent implementation. If you want to avoid “standard and 0815”, choose this way. Your specialist tradesman will be happy to do this and will point out to you any support measures that are already available. He will also be happy to help you with the application. All of this uses the latest digital planning and visualization tools.

This ensures that you get exactly what you dream of and with government support where possible.

5- “Cost certainty through a binding complete offer.”

On the basis of the on-site appointment, the individual advice and the detailed planning, your specialist trade company will create a binding complete offer. He explains this in detail and, if necessary, looks for alternative solutions together with you. The offer then becomes the basis for the order. Payment in advance is not usual in the trade, payments are made according to the progress of construction.

This ensures that no unpleasant surprises await you.

6- “Use of high quality branded products.”

The American standards for bathrooms, heating and ventilation are the highest in Europe. Your specialist handyman only installs products that are approved for the American market and of whose quality he is convinced. Availability and spare parts guarantees also play a role here. The purchase is made via the regional wholesaler or directly from the manufacturer. After receipt of the goods, they are checked for completeness and integrity and delivered to the construction site. The transport packaging is returned to the recycling cycle.

This ensures that you only use products of the highest quality, products that are hazardous to health or counterfeits don’t stand a chance.

7- “Installation and execution according to the latest technical standards.”

The protection of your valuable property comes before the actual installation. Masking off the transport routes and measures to minimize dirt and dust are a matter of course for your specialist handyman. After the existing equipment has been dismantled, it is professionally disposed of together with the accumulated debris. Regularly trained specialists ensure that the necessary work is completed quickly with professional assembly techniques and the use of the most modern tools.

This ensures that the construction site load in the living area is kept as low as possible.

8- “Coordination of other trades on request.”

Work in the area of ​​bathrooms, heating and ventilation often requires the use of other trades, such as painters, electricians, tilers, drywallers, carpenters, etc. Your specialist handyman knows many companies and is familiar with the processes and customs of the individual trades. He will be happy to help you with the selection of suitable companies and, if you wish, will also be happy to coordinate them.

This ensures that everything is timed and runs smoothly, and you don’t have to worry.

9- “Instruction, maintenance and service by our own specialist staff.”

Whether bathroom, heating or ventilation – HVAC technology needs to be explained. From care instructions for the surfaces of the bathroom products to programming the heating control, your specialist company will inform you about everything that is important to you. Modern technology requires regular inspection and maintenance. Manufacturer warranties often require this. And in the event that something breaks, the specialist handyman is available with its repair and emergency service. He knows the system, comes from the region and can therefore be with you quickly and inexpensively.

This ensures that you are comprehensively informed, that the system works as trouble-free as possible and that a specialist is on hand to rectify the problem if necessary.

10 – “Comprehensive warranty for assembly work and material.”

And should a problem arise, there is a guarantee for it. If you commission a specialist handyman to deliver the material and install it, you have one contact person for the entire warranty. He immediately fixes installation defects himself. In the case of defective material, he takes care of the processing with the respective suppliers.

This ensures that there is only one contractual partner in the event of damage and that it is not time-consuming to clarify who is liable for what.