Overmolding and its benefits

If you look at mother and baby products, you will notice that silicone has been used. There is a solid reason behind using silicone in mother and baby products. Baby products are subjected to various tests to confirm their safety by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. According to them, silicone is a safe material that does not harm the baby. For example, if silicone comes into contact with breast milk, it will not change its formula. Therefore, you will frequently see silicone-made mother and baby products in the market.

Silicone overmolding is a process that applies to silicone-based baby products. In this process, silicone rubber is molded with a plastic or a metal into the cavity, then heated to harden; then you get the final product which has a protective and tender layer. Overmolding aims to combine various plastic parts in the right fashion to create a durable and uniform product.

Advantages of overmolding

Overmolding is a beneficial process for various silicone manufacturers. Due to its low cost, companies employ overmolding techniques and derive a lot of advantages.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why manufacturers consider overmolding.

Low costs

Silicone-based products have gained a lot of popularity in a very less time. People often think overmolding is an expensive process. It is very cost-effective, which is the main reason why it is attractive.

Combining materials through overmolding helps achieve high-quality results while keeping the silicone manufacturer’s cost low. The procedure being simple helps industries that require rapid production.

Better performance

The products perform better as it is made by combining two different materials. It has many beneficial properties like waterproof and chemical resistance, and is quite durable. In addition, these materials can be put to many different types of uses.


The over-molded rubber increases the grip of the product and prevents slippages for the end

user, making it ergonomic. This also makes the product safe to use, especially when the products have edges that can cause a cut or pierce.

Better shock absorption

Due to added plastic resin, over-molded products are excellent shock absorbers. This feature increases the product’s shelf life and improves resistance against any physical impact compared to non-over-molded products.

This is a very important feature to consider in baby products, where the product’s durability is the top priority.

Better looking products

Overmolding can add design elements to different tools, models, and parts. It’s easy to make over-molded products look pretty as the material used comes in various colors.

In addition to this, overmolding increases the comfort level of the product. For example, a 

A comfortable rubber grip can be attached to various tools by overmolding, which makes it comfortable, easy, and beautiful.

This simple guide has highlighted just a few of the many advantages of overmolding. As already said, it is a kind of injection molding process in which two different materials are bonded together in a single mold cycle. Overmolding has proven beneficial to both manufacturers as well as customers.