Method for Tracking Your Ovulation and Fertility Days

Tracking your ovulation days is important for couples who want to get pregnant and also for those who don’t want to get pregnant. Here you should know that tracking your fertile days is very important as it helps you start or avoid having a family. Today you have different websites and applications that would provide you ovulation calculators to track your fertile days. Knowing about your most fertile days is known as fertility awareness. This is important for a healthy sex life and for a planning your baby especially if you are facing trouble in getting pregnant.

Are there any benefits of fertility tracking?

It is important to find fertile days so that you can have sex before the ovulation period starts. Usually, people think that there are no benefits of tracking fertility window but this is actually untrue. You must understand the fact that there are only six days in a month when you can get pregnant. Moreover, another important fact that you need to keep in your mind is that the male sperm can survive in the cervix for six to seven days. So having sex right before the ovulation calendar can increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

Tracking fertility window also helps you avoid having sex around that time if you don’t want to get pregnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant then you have to make sure that you use an online ovulation calculator by for this purpose.

What are the common signs of ovulation?

If you don’t know how to calculate ovulation then you need to definitely try out the ovulation calculator and also check for the common signs of ovulation!

  • Positive result on a home ovulation predictor test is the first sign of ovulation 
  • Cervical mucus discharge is also a notable sign.
  • Ovulation pain in the lower abdomen
  • You can also check the position of your cervix to determine your fertility window 
  • Increased sexual desire and drive is also a common sign of ovulation especially in younger women 
  • Tender breasts is also a sign that your body is ovulating 

Best method to track your ovulation and fertile days!

Here are some of the top ways using which you can track your fertile days:

Use the online ovulation calculator tool

The calendar method is the most common method that can help you find out fertile days. Here you should know that to get accurate results with the calendar method you need to keep track of at least your last six months of periods. This is difficult so the alternate way is to use an online fertility calculator. The fertility calculator would ask you the first day of your last period and your period cycle length. On the basis of this information, it would tell you about the fertility window. Usually, the female body is fertile around the 8th and 21st day of the period cycle!

Using an ovulation calculator is the best way to find out your most fertile days!