Painting “Winter Evening” Krymov: Illustration, Photo Composition

How long did you look at the picture? Is it in the drawing made with a brush and paints? Painting “Winter Evening” landscape Nikolai Petrovich Krymov – unpretentious, apparently, something on a straightforward plot. But it makes you wonder.

We used to take hundreds of photos as a professional tool and camera on our phones. We almost ignore whether the storyline developed as a composition composed and distributed objects, what is the lighting. The main thing – to take a picture, share it on social networks with your friends, and get their feedback.

And how to surprise and admire every detail of the pictures! How would you like to consider them and try to understand the mood of the artist and his thoughts during the writing canvas!


Born into a family of artists PA Krymova in 1884, the boy had drawing ideas abilities as a child. Father happy to show his son the basic techniques of paintings and writings discussed composition, color, and lighting. All this is reflecting in the worldview of Nicholas and the aspirations of his life.

Krymov’s photo “Winter Evening” is the most detailed description of his ideas about art. Being trained in the landscape workshop AM Vasnetsova at the Moscow School of Painting, a young artist tried himself in different ways: as a designer, graphic artist, and later. But from the very first brushstroke, he joined the symbolism, believing the picture should convey the mood of his colors.


That’s right – quite simply – wrote NP Krymov. The painting “Winter Evening” is the view of the village outdoors. Of course, there was in it, and the trees and the birds in the bushes. The people are going about their business. But everything is not traced in detail, and bright colors are not intending.

And at the same time, at a glance is enough to understand – in the yard bitter cold. And dusk will come. When you sit at home, it seems that it is not too cold outside. It would be warm and cozy, sunlight.


Painting “Winter Evening” – it’s snow. Looking at him created the impression that the artist is essential to show the ubiquitous snow. After all, this is one of the main take Russian winters. Snow is everywhere: its rooftops, tightly covered with soil, hiding under bushes, depicted in the foreground.

He poured into the setting sun and the shadows endless piles path, just talking about the height of snowdrifts. Once it becomes clear that winter did not come yesterday, it has long come into its own.

And even the muted colors inevitably define the beauty of the snowy Russian winter. The sun disappears behind the horizon changed the bright daylight shine on snow bluish glare. And in places where there is still sunlight, we see transparent pink snowballs, which you want to pick up.


What else was Krymov able to convey to the viewer? Painting “Winter Evening” and described and covers us today, not overloaded with things. And, yet, in the middle, we see returnees. We don’t know what drove them out on the street on a winter day, but the fact that they moved into the heart and home and sets us on with a cozy winter night memory.

We understand that the path trodden has long been looking closer to how a family moves with a child. They are pretty wide to be able to disperse from passers-by. So, people are accustomed to this challenging condition and have learned to stand up to them.

It was also home to carry stacks of hay and sleigh, pulled by horses. In front of the eyes of pets appear to be fed within minutes. From uniform life, once I calm down and realize that no hardships of life (such as high snow) can not change the existing order of things. Painting “Winter Evening” is very suitable for practicing meditation and relaxation. Soft colors and lots of room for thought. It remains only to turn on the leisurely music.


Neprorisovannymi shows us a picture of people and Krymov’s “Winter Evening.” Description warm clothing fully justifies this, for coats, boots, warm scarves, and hats do not leave room for refinement and luxury. Figures of people are generally more like paint spots, but that’s the artist’s talent, who is here so that, without the details and precise brush strokes, to convey the image and his spirit.

Picture Krymov “Winter Evening” N. glows with warmth and comfort. Looking like human figures are slightly tilted forward, you realize that people are in a hurry in the heat of the hut. And considering their heavy clothes, she could feel how hard it was to walk in the snow. Let and often traversed path.

They were similarly marking in the foreground figures of birds. They could not hide under the roof of the house, not afraid of cold weather, and sat in the snow. But they fluffed feathers ruffled – love the power, and it became more like lumps of something living in the light fluttering birds.


Krymov’s photo “Winter Evening” (his description – our work today) shows the village. One gets the impression that it is a small cluster of several houses. Not even the outskirts of the village, because of the massive tree-rising buildings.

Of course, an artist well versed in proportions, he developed a sense of balance. But look at how he arranged things in the picture: even in the background at home is elevated several times to indicate their reliability and relevance. And at the same time, we realize how small it is. It will suffice to compare trees and huts.

I can’t help but imagine what the “Winter Evening” painting symbolizes. Krymov symbolism because it claims his work. And now, looking at the clusters of huts nestled in the middle of the snowy expanses, you know that only the proximity to each other makes us warm and kind and our world – more comfortable. After all, even proverbs we find linked to it: to crush, but not touched, for example.

And the fact that everyone, both men and sleigh with hay, is heading towards the house, too, is of great importance. Only at home, we get the desired vitality and peace. A bell tower, located in the distance a symbol of hope for a beautiful and bright future.


The background of the canvas shows a forest. Now it is unclear what kind of trees grow in the area oak, poplar, linden. I see only one thing: a landscape typical for central Russia. After all, in the north do not grow tall trees. There is no such amount of space in the tundra or taiga.

And again, I can’t help but imagine what Crimea tells us. The painting “Winter Evening,” a description that explains the meaning of each symbol, conveys security people. Endless expanses of snow transformed into a warm and clean (though not rich) home. A hut in the wind and blizzards protect the ancient trees.

Peering closer, we see and the pursuit of life conveyed by the artist. Moss and small shrubs in the foreground fully embody it. They even make their way through several flurries of snow to reach out on winter days.


Picture Krymov “Winter Evening” N. – it’s utterly accurate color nuances. Take a look at the sky. It is immediately apparent that it is low, as in winter heavy, but a clean and clear frost.

The greenish color of the sunset sky is quite unusual for our eyes. But this is a very definitely observed feature of late afternoon pores. For some, overflow pink in the snow and the sky and the reflection of sunlight on the cottage window. It was clear that the decline was pink and calm.

And the pure cloudless sky does not herald any harm or surprise. Again, from a glance at the picture becomes calm, and the perception is: everything is okay.


Krymov’s photo “Winter Evening” is another confirmation of the skill and professionalism of the artist. He masterfully uses the color palette to convey all shades of trees, sky, snow.

After all, what do we usually see, going outside in the winter? Black silhouettes of trees so the white snow. But it is not so! Shadows of people – dark blue, rooftops covered with pure white snow, and the transition of blue and pink tones in the foreground photographs accurately convey the light and the sunset time.

And what’s surprising: apparently, the “Winter Evening” painting should move the cold and gloom. And in fact, it becomes warm and cozy when you look at it. This effect is also creating color. Black trees are dark brown. The cold snow ran warm pink highlights. The dome of the bell tower is almost shining yellow light.


Sometimes, looking at such a scene, I can not help thinking: why such a simple as “Winter Evening” painting (description it can consist of only a few sentences) makes a stop and stand still in front of him? And it’s not quiet, not a familiar sight to every winter person.

It is most likely to say that the artist added clues landscape line drawing of life: pedestrians, sleigh pulled by horses. It gives a picture of the dynamics, and it becomes a description of any poem in praise of the Russian winter.

Many believe that the Crimea – lucky: rare artists who have the privilege to be represented in the Tretyakov Gallery in life. But it is also a lot of self-employment, talent development, and the desire to show the world a simple and majestic beauty of nature around us.


This description will help you get acquainted with the trick of Russian art and write an essay on the film. Students were introduced to Krymov’s “Winter Evening” in the sixth grade. In his work, men needed to describe the pictures and the feelings he had caused them.