Park View City Reviews

The Park View City dwelling society, constructed by Vision Group, is an attractive residential neighborhood. In Islamabad, it sells housing units, business plots, housing flats, and townhouses. Our specialists conducted extensive analysis on the venture and compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks based on PVC feedback to assist you in forming an opinion about it.

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  • Ideally situated

The location of this luxury house Society is the primary and biggest charm. Park View City is placed on Malot Road, about a 15-minute drive from the Kashmir Highway. The society’s 200-foot Primary avenue is accessible via Murree Street from Kashmir Highway & Islamabad Expressway in roughly 15-20 minutes. As a result, we can deduce that Blue Area is roughly 20 to 25 minutes distant from civilization. As a result, a society that is well-suited for both housing and business objectives emerges.

  • Business Area with magnificence main gate

Park View City residential society’s main road is 200 ft wide. It is nearly 90 to 100 feet broad and connects Park Road and Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad. A wide access road makes it easier and quicker to get to and from the community, resulting in quick and painless work travel and allowing you to relax and enjoy the tranquilly of your opulent home society.

  • Best Value On Your Investment

If you want to engage in PVC, it will also assist you to obtain the best yield on your investments because it is a development property, which means that after a project is completed, the prices and valuations will continue to rise day by day. As a result, first-time buyers will receive their funds and will be able to resell them with profitability even at a lower price than individuals who wait until the project is finished.

  • Widely respected Developer

We’ve bolstered any business project’s thorough research, which isn’t complete without assessing the developer’s capacity to perform the task. Vision Group is the owner of Park View City. The developer’s portfolio includes Park View Signature Apartments, Park View Villas, and other projects, implying that the company has a strong management staff and the capacity to complete massive initiatives.

  • Overseas block

The Overseas Block is the most recent addition to this intriguing residential project, which caters to everyone’s demands. This society has everything for everyone, from housing and business sites to historic flats and villas. This property is located near the commercial core and offers its occupants a profitable investment and an exclusive lifestyle.

  • Larger plot sizes

Another fantastic feature of Park View City is that its storylines are larger than those of other societies. A 5 Marla property is 1300 sq . ft, with measurements of 26′ x 50′. Furthermore, a 10 Marla property in Park View City measures 35′ x 70′ and is 2450 square feet. As a result, 1 Marla equals 250 square feet. This is typically much larger than other similar societies.


  • Prices are regarded as higher.

The pricing of plots in this society is slightly greater than in other twin cities housing projects, however, with all of the amenities and large plot size. It’s quite reasonable. As a result, while Park View City’s costs appear to be higher than those of other Islamabad communities, we genuinely think they are reasonable due to substantially larger plot sizes, premium property, and the fact that construction costs are included in the buying cost.

  • Delayed development work

The residential society’s construction phase was sluggish at first, but they’ve now revamped their strategy and focused on speed. If you look around the community, you will notice that the roads are built. A few houses have been built, and individuals reside in them, while others are still being built.

  • Accusations about NOC

Capital Development Authority and other key authorities have indeed given Park View City Residential Society their formal NOC and planning authorization. However, there was an allegation about the society’s NOC for a while, which was later proven false because it was most likely merely a myth spread by competition.


To summarise, we believe that PVC is among the best areas to invest in value for money, dependable people, excellent location, and professional center. We presume you found this essay to be beneficial in every way. However, we always advise our readers to conduct their investigation or consult with professionals before making decisions.

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