PayBack Ltd Review – Can You Get Your Stolen Money Back?

PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd is a firm that helps traders to recover their lost money from scam brokerage platforms. This is an awfully difficult job to do, and owing to its difficulty, most of the traders don’t even try to recover their money. In this PayBack Ltd review, I will tell you how this firm helps its clients and which of its features distinguish it from other competitors. 

PayBack Ltd is providing its funds’ recovery services since 2008 in all the areas of online trading such as Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and Binary Options. It provides services at a very competitive fee which is usually between 600 to 1500 dollars. The fee is case-specific which means that the fee is charged according to the difficulty of work.

How It Works

When looted traders contact PayBack Ltd for help, it tries to retrieve as much information as it can because this information helps them to make a solid case. The recovery agents of the firm evaluate the claim and generate a feasibility report. If the case shows winning chances, then the team starts working immediately. The most important questions which they put in front of clients are:

  • Who was the investment money sent to?
  • Through which payment method was the money sent?
  • Which country governs the banking laws of the trader?
  • When was the fraud made?

The victims are asked to give information about transactions and other important elements such as bank statements, recorded calls (if any), emails, text messages, and contracts. Answers to these questions provide a roadmap for the firm and help to determine which strategy they should adopt for this particular case. The agents visit the website of the fraudster to check how it operates and then infiltrates inside its database disguised as a trader.


PayBack Ltd doesn’t keep testimonials on its own website because it looks awkward to show its own praises. Testimonials and reviews about PayBack Ltd are available on many different websites in which people express their gratitude towards it. One person says that he lost his all family savings to a fake forex broker, but with the help of PayBack Ltd, he was successful in securing the future of his family. Another person stated that he was promised millions of profit but instead deprived of his own money, but thanks to PayBack Ltd, he got refunds. There are many such instances where PayBack Ltd has saved the lives of traders from being ruined. Due to this, the site has an overall rating of 4.4, which indicates its professionalism. 

Order Cancellation And Refunds

If a client, due to any possible reason, wants to cancel the order and refund his fee, he can do it. If a client changes his mind or his dispute with a broker is resolved, then he will be returned his money. Sometimes, people want to cancel the order if they mistakenly provide the wrong information. They are entitled to receive their funds in this case too.

How To Contact PayBack Ltd

In financial frauds, money can only be traced if help arrives on time. If the money recovery firm is out of reach, then the possibility of losing the money forever becomes eminent. Due to this reason, PayBack Ltd has paid special attention to its customer support service and made it available for clients 24/7. A chat button is provided on the website by using which clients can contact recovery agents of PayBack Ltd, but this is not all of it. It has provided multiple methods for its clients to contact in case of emergency. 

The other option which remains available 24 hours is email support. Traders can share their problems via the official email address of PayBack Ltd (, and then the recovery agents call back in no time. In addition to this, PayBack Ltd has multiple phones numbers as well. These numbers are not based in one country only. It has provided phone numbers of its different offices which are located in Israel, the United States, England, and Australia. 


The advantages and features which I have mentioned in this review are not all of being provided by PayBack Ltd. But these are enough for sure to remove unnecessary doubts which emerge in the minds of traders who have already been betrayed by their brokers. PayBack Ltd is a loyal, trustable, and competent firm that will never leave you to dry.