Perfect desserts for a perfect summer

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Summers are hot, humid and exhausting. For most of us residing in the tropical peninsula regions, summer is a dreadful experience. After all, who wants to experience the hustle-bustle of daily life with nothing but a hot dry wind blowing right through the day. Thus, this season is often filled with people complaining about how they miss the cool breeze of winter. The only upside to perhaps this awful season is the awesome spread of fruits that it brings. Now we understand that not everyone is a big fruit fanatic and there are many people who prefer eating something sweet infused with the flavours of fruit. Perhaps the love for summer fruits and their flavours is so strong that there are many new recipe adaptations and food preparations.

Summer fruit favourites

Summer fruits are plump, ripe to the right extent and deliciously juicy. These fruits are often thus a side or main ingredient component in most of the summer special dishes. One of the most appealing combos of fruits and food is undoubtedly desserts. From creamy shakes to frosted sweet cupcakes, summer special desserts are infused, topped and decorated with fruit flavours that give the consumer a hit of summer freshness.

So, let us take a look at the different types of summer special desserts and their varieties that are up for grabs this season in most cake stores. With these many options, you can easily send cakes in Delhi that are oozing with the strong and deliciously sweet flavours of summer!

Mango delight – Oh yes, the summer sweet flavour of mango… Summer and mangoes are synonymous to each other! The intense sweetness of mangoes with a hint of tang feels like the perfect reward at the end of a very hot summer day. And with mango flavoured cakes and desserts, everyone can relish on the sweet tangy fruit that hits us with just a hint of nostalgia.

Pineapple enchantment – Pineapple is sweet with just the right amount of zingness, making it the perfect cake topping! Many desserts are either topped with pineapple cubes, slices and pulp to give a strong burst of flavours to the consumers. Chunks of pineapple are also mixed with frosting and are used to coat the desserts generously – this gives a massive burst of flavour to each dessert lover.

Grape magic – Grapes are a very common dessert topping. While grape flavoured cakes are limited in the market, this fruit is generously used as a topping. One of the most creative ways to incorporate the flavour of grapes in desserts is by making them into a jelly like jam and using that as binding layers of cake bases. Grapes are thus one of the lesser used fruits to create summer special desserts.

Fruit-o-holic – Another summer favourite dessert choice is a combination of various fruits as cake topping. Either cut up into cubes and used as toppings or caramelised and used as a type of frosting jelly, a combination of multiple summer juicy fruits is delightful at every bite – a true fruity dessert lover’s paradise. You can find a range of such mixed fruit desserts like fruit topped cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes, etc., especially during the summer months.

Kiwi mania – Kiwi is the most fun to eat creative summer fruit that can be used to both garnish and add flavour to summer special desserts. Ice cream cakes are often topped with this gelatinous fruit.

Strawberry fun – Available all round the year, but enjoyed the most during the summer months, berrylicious cakes are all time favourites! Strawberry cakes are sweet and fun. This uncomplicated fruit is mostly used to decorate desserts. But that does not mean it is only used as a garnish. Strawberries are used as cake and dessert toppers, mixed with frosting or spread on desserts like a smooth ganache.

Orange gratification – Orange flavoured cakes are very popular because of its natural zing. In fact, orange toppings and flavours are the perfect combo for sweet creamy desserts as its tanginess adds a special ‘oomph’ to it.

There are many other dessert flavours that happen to be quite popular choices not only during summers but all year round!

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